Wednesday, 18 March 2009


My wool supplies were running down so on Sunday afternoon I decided a trip across the Pennines to Wentworth was in order.
It was a lovely day just right for a spur of the moment jaunt.

I persuaded Margaret to join me and she brought her friend Forbes who was extremely bossy when I went too fast, but told us when to turn right and left so we didn't get lost.
(As Margaret will testify, I have no sense of direction and couldn't find my way out of a paper bag)

We arrived with only one 'ambiguous direction' moment, at Wingham Wool Works, the home of all things fleecy and fibrous..
(Click on the pictures to have a nosey at the goods.)

Behind this green door, (Wentworth Green of Course) lies an Aladdins cave of wool, yarn, silk, and everything one's heart could desire.

I loved these old wool hampers piled up at the back.

I spent a lot of money!

This morning, another sunny warm Spring day, I heard a parcel arrive on the doormat.
When I opened it I found this, pink tissue, patterned sellotape and a lovely typewritten message

with a pretty little sticker on the bottom , unmistakeably Viv of Hens Teeth.

Look what was inside!

Vintage tweed.

It just whispers 'Vintage' to has a beautiful soft, not exactly worn, or faded, but just old -fashioned nostalgic style.

Its absolutely gorgeous.
Thank you so much Viv.

The sun doesn't travel round to the back of the house until the afternoon so I was quite surprised when I went out into the garden to see these bright cheerful and robust Anemone Blanda thrusting themselves up into the sunshine for all they were worth.

I'd forgotten we had them.

But with the warmer weather comes other less welcome garden activity. The sun lights up the tell tale trails.

The winter ceasefire stops here.

The mollusc war begins anew.

There was someone else taking advantage of the spring sunshine from inside the house.

Oblivious to my macro lens.

(Jowls of)
Don't for heavens sake click on this picture..unless you want nightmares.


Textile Art Showcase said...

oohhhh - I can feel a trip to Winghma wools coming on!!! Thanks for taking us inside the aladin's cave!!

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely place a real Aladdin's cave .The vintage tweed is gorgeous .Its so lovely to have thoughtful friends .
Love from sesga xx

Gina said...

Just the sort of surprises I like! Wish I lived nearer to Wingham Wools!

arlee said...

just enJOYS those juicy Jewl jowls:}

Victoria said...

Looks like a magical place, (and I am with you on lack of direction. I can get lost, and often do, just going around the block.) Congrats on all of the lovely goodies, (that tweed is gorgeous!) As for that dear little pink nose... sweet, sweet, sweet.

Robin Mac said...

What a wonderful alladin's cave - I am so glad to see they stock the wonderful Australian Landscape dyes, I adore them, so easy to use. The tweed looks super as well. cheers, Robin

connie said...

I loved your post today. Thank you it was fun to read, see and laugh. I needed that.

PG said...

I MUST go to Wingham in person one day, (all of my felting wools come from them) though I think I would have a sensory (not to mention wallet) overload.

Miss Frugality said...

Wingham wool works looks like heaven!
Those tweeds from Viv are gorgeous...I was admiring a purse she made using something similar the other day...looking forward to seeing what you transform them into :-)
Love your Spring flowers...isn't amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do?

Kitty said...

Oh my - that yarny place looks like heaven. Let's see what you got, then!

I clicked on the jowly picture - I think it's really very beautiful. As is the blue flower - blue flowers are my favourites and those ones are gorgeous.


Pam said...

Hey Jackie. Just got here from your practice blog....
Love all these luverly pics, especially that so sweet pink shnozz! :))

silverpebble said...

Lovely post - what a treasure trove that shop is! That tweed is lovely too - I can see some tweets approaching perhaps?

Anemone blanda are one of my spring favourites - lovely!

Mary said...

Jackie! Is it just me or is that trail in the shape of a J - like they are sending you a little taunting message?! That shop looks amazing - very dangerous for the wallet. And that nose. so sweet! I love that photo.

jude said...

i did it. i just couldn't help myself.

Jackie said...

Jude you are not alone. (I have stat counter so I know!)

Menopausal musing said...

You know how it is when you are scrolling down and reading a blog... loving the woolbaskets, wanting the beautiful present, nodding (knowingly!) at the mollusc situation, loving the blue of the flowers...... and then you hit the "macro" picture... AND ROAR WITH LAUGHTER...... thank you so much. x

Julie said...

Thank you f or the fascinating look inside Wingham Wools. I've never seen inside before. It's an ambition of mine to go there but I'd better start a savings pot for it.

What a lovely parcel, gorgeous tweed! enjoy!

Kayla coo said...

What a fantastic place to live near.
I love your vintage tweed from Viv.
I bet you can't wait to use it!

jennyflower said...

That just looks like such a brilliant shop for a day out, please tell me you went for coffee and a bun too! That tweed is so beautiful and thoughtful, look forward to seeing it's next incarnation.

Heather said...

I have only shopped by post at Wingham Wools - how cruel of you to tease us with all those mouth watering pictures. I am sure you will put that lovely vintage tweed to good use. I have anemone blanda in flower too, they are so pretty and the hostas are just showing the tips of this year's leaves - time to get slug and snail repellent on the go. Jools certainly knows how to enjoy spring sunshine and demonstrates relaxation to perfection.

bascom hogue said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely images and musings with us.


Oh wow, you are so lucky to have Wingham Wools on your doorstep relatively speaking!! They come to Praa Sands, Cornwall in May and we all go potty down here buying all the fleece and threads

Hope your Spring flowers arrive with you very soon to cheer you up!! Have a good weekend!

cocoa and blankets said...

went worth looks fab...where is it...near enough for moi in Leeds do you think? Love the pictures today especially the puss cat at the end...isnt Viv kind...she sent me a lovely suprise once...she is lovely...have a good weekend....H

Linda said...

What a wonderland - now I must go and look for the website. (I would love to take my mum there - she's a crazy knitter.)
Put your hostas etc in gravel - its the only way to beat the little monsters!
Linda x

skyewriter said...

What a lovely post.

But, GAH! I clicked on the last image... had to.

Out catter has been soaking up the sunshine, too.

green phoenix said...

Why did you say don't click on the pic of your cat?Hilarious!
I never knew a cat's nose could be so scary looking, oh, that did make me laugh.


maggik1 said...

Oh, what a lovely post - it brought back memories of a brilliant day. You do it so well that it ought to make me do one as well - it will, it will! I'll mail you.

Wabbit said...

I think the pornographic part must be all the wonderfulness in that shop! I'm definitely lusting after the wool hampers!

Michael House said...

Of course, I would not have clicked on the cat's nose, had you not advised against it. Then, I had to! what a fantastic wool shop, sorry (it looks wonderful)and glad (it would eat my meagre resources) we do not have anything like that near us in north Cornwall that I know of.

ferinn said...

Lucky' lucky you being able to visit Wingham Woolworks.It looks an absolute dream.I've ordered from them but to be able to visit and savour the lusciousness!

trashalou said...

I think perhaps we should introduce your Forbes to my husband's Jane. I feel they may have much in common.

Dot said...

I want to live at that shop (am drooling over here in Australia).

Love the closeup of the puddy tat too!

Tillyboo said...

Ooh, that little pink nose ..
Scrumptious !

Magenta said...

I clicked. I couldn't stop myself from being pulled in. Nightmares tonight...entering a drippy tunnel with spike covered walls. Love your blog. The background appears dirty white to pinky white on my screen. Love Morocco pics.

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