Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Marrakech in March 8: A Typical Meal.

These pictures have just been acquired from a fellow traveller, so I have shoe horned this post in by backdating it.

Above the carpet warehouse in one of the souks was a roof terrace where we enjoyed a 'typical' Moroccan Meal .
We started with a large central plate of salads which were all delicious. Then came the main course of food cooked in' Tajines'.

Under the very hot conical lids were extremely hot dishes containing (clockwise from the top) chicken with lemons and olives, large beans in tomato sauce, meatballs in tomato sauce, lentil stew,and cous cous with vegetables, all very bland surprisingly.

There was plenty of delicious flat bread, freshly squeezed orange juice

Followed by sliced oranges sprinkled with cinnamon.

With musicians.


Cathy said...

I've seen these on travel shows focusing on food and i think they are pretty cool but not something I could fit in my oven. I'm surprised at the food being bland with all those beautiful spices piled up in the stalls. Were the oranges cooked with cinnamon? It all looked good.

connie said...

I received a tagine from my brother for Christmas and the recipes that we have used so far are not done in the oven but on the stove top and simmered at a low heat. They are amazing things to cook it. It is really nice to see how authentic food looks in one. Mine never looks quite so neat.

Mary said...

I've seen these in a kitchen store near me. I wanted to get one for my Mom but they are too heavy for her to use. And I would need several to feed my family and they wouldn't fit in my oven so I don't have any either. They look so cool - I want one! I would think the food would have been spicy - strange.

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