Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Blog as therapy

We talk about emotional roller coasters..what about see saws?
I said last saturday's craft fair couldn't be as bad as the one the week before.
It was.(See Saw down)
The Knitting and Stitching show on Sunday was a terrific high.(See saw up)

I enjoyed the Graduate showcase but it never fails to amaze me when people feel the need to speak their minds.
There was a lovely young Textile Artist in the 'Graduate Showcase' with her work.
A much older woman who felt her opinion had to be aired went up to her and said she thought her work was awful and she didn't like it, it was grotesque.
I felt so hurt for the girl. Her work was competent skillful and very unusual.

I added my bit to the Julia Caprara tribute.
(Awful pics on this entire post. Sorry)

It had hand stitching on it.
Don't faint.

Then Monday was a busy day.
I attended a steering committee meeting as patient rep for a local service.
I felt stupid.
I couldn't speak 'adminese'(See Saw down)
I went to see my Mum.(See saw up)
Tuesday was a day of anxiety and actual panic about a number of issues..some 'credit crunch' related, and some family related.(See saw down)
But in the evening a friend phoned me and said she'd been to an Art Gallery in Mid Wales and the owner had seen my brooches and wants to sell some.(See saw up)
Wednesday was a positive day and I was upbeat in the morning. Got on with some brooches.

(This post was going to be all about how I do lots of samples and discover some happy accidents of colour combinations.)

Poor pics.
Working on many brooches.(See saw up.)
Phone call at lunchtime.
Older son in severe difficulty. (See saw fluctuating violently, flying around in circles)
I sorted it out as far as I could...very anxious time.
(See-saw broken and lying upside down on floor.)
Reasonably good outcome. (See-Saw repositioned and ready for action again.)
Glass of wine. Food .
Should I publish this?
Go on then.

PS Attention Jill you left a question on my last post and I don't know how to get in touch with you. E mail me if you like.


Kayla coo said...

Oh Jackie, Life is so like that ups and downs and can be so different one day to the next.
Its good to share, a problem shared is a problem halved.
I have had a week like that!
I just want to say I'm having great fun with the tea bag paper,thank you so much and your brooches are looking fab.xx

Paula Hewitt said...

lifes ups and downs affect us all - its nice to know we are not alone though.

how sad for that older woman to be so lacking in self esteem as to be mean to that young artist.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

At least it seems maybe your see saw is more or less balancing in the middle. Aren't kids fun, even when they have supposedly grown up and should be responsible for themselves. I don't think we ever stop worrying about them.

arlee said...

Your colour combos SING!

As for that nasty woman, well, it's always easier to criticize than to create.......i hope the young artist didn't take it to heart!

Victoria said...

Jackie, you have managed to articulate the ups and downs of daily emotions in a way that I never thought of before, (thank you.) I tend to describe my daily highs and lows to my husband, (who is amazingly even keeled) as sunshine and dark clouds, but I like your analogy better. Here's to more ups then downs!

Also, how sad that some frustrated and probably creatively constipated woman had to share her toxic ways with someone so young. I remember that happening to me in my early 20's and I can still feel the sting of that mans words as he verbally tore to shreds all of my work. One wonders how many creative lights have been snuffed out because of someone else's need to be cruel.

ruthie said...

Jackie, i love the way you describe the ups & downs too, life is so like that.

I wonder why people feel the need to give such negative opinion, does it make them feel better? i so hope the young lass didn't take it to heart.

Hoping your see saw is a little more balanced this week *ruthie*

Tricks said...

Oh My goodness,
That was a week and a half by the sounds of it. You are brave, I dare not use my blog as therapy, my readership would plummet.
No seriously, life can be like a roller coaster sometimes, it's hard to get your breath back between problems. We've had a whole year like that so I say I'm seriously looking forward to 2009.
I really feel for that young girl. Why do people have to be so unkind! There is just no excuse. You might not like something but you can surely appreciate the work that goes into it. Well, glad to know that your see saw is more stable. I'd put some big rocks under it if I were you. Best Wishes Tricia x

Julie said...

Oh dear Jackie what a traumatic week! I like your analogy with the seesaw. I hope things stay balanced for you for a while and I'm glad your son is ok.

The cheek of that woman at the show! And how thoughtless to be so offensive.

Julie said...

Congratulations on the brooches btw.

ANNA said...

I think we must be on the same see saw!!!! At least you have focus in making your broches and cuffs! WHich are stunning!! (Wish I could find my focus). Hope all issues get sorted out soon

Miss Frugality said...

Jackie - What a week! I'm glad the see-saw was repositioned by the end of it.Loving your brooches (that goes without saying) Best wishes to you and yours x

Jude said...

Hmm, I agree, life eh? Stinks one minute, then the next you're laughing!
Loved your post, you explained it so well.
Take care
Going to e mail you again

Daisie said...

If I were you I would now be stomping my feet and kicking said see-saw!! Poor you!
I do hope that the words 'home made' didn't pass your lips and make the poor girl feel any worse!? Haha!
I hope the coming week is a little less turbulant!

Sid Simpson said...

Today, November 27, is Thanksgiving Holiday in the US. I wanted to say I am thankful for getting to know you via your art and your blog. Cheers to you!


Gina said...

I guess that is life - full of ups and downs. Well done on getting the brooches in a shop - they are very beautiful!

WendyCarole said...

OH! some people can be so nasty couldn't she have just kept her opinions to herself? Poor girl.

my days are up and down too. Just when you think its not so bad something else happens.

love the colours of your brooches

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Flipping heck after all that see-sawing I don't know about food and wine, I'd need a lie down.

If I'm on a downward bit of the ride I look to see if you've posted on your blog or Flickr. It always picks me up. xx

Celia said...

Oh. Jackie, commiserations!

At times like this I repeat to myself 'What doesn't kill me makes me stronger', and my father's dog Latin - 'Nil Carborundum'. [Don't let the buggers grind you down.]

And as a member of the bus pass brigade - why is it that some people think their age gives them the right to be rude? [And to get on the bus first!]

Kitty said...

Crikey, I bet you could do with some travel sickness tablets with all that see-sawing. Bet you felt really seasick.

I hope the downs can be resolves, and that the ups continue for you. As regards the woman giving her (negative) opinion - why do people do that? :-O


hens teeth said...

'whooo hoo' to the good bits and 'pants' to the bad bits x

alice c said...

We never appreciate the quiet days where nothing much happens properly - it takes a good dose of the ups and downs to show us how precious 'quiet and boring' can be.

Linda said...

Hi Jackie; I hope you're having a peaceful week. I think we can all empathise with what you are saying. I'm on an 'up' at the moment - but I spoil it by worrying about when it will go down!!
Linda xx

Anonymous said...

Life is like a box of Chocolates !!
I hate it when I get the coffee ones .

I'm so sorry to hear that lots of bad things have been happening ,but amidst all them lots of good things have been happening too.

another fave saying is :

"Life's a little sh*t when you look at it .
Always look on the bright side of life la la .

I feel so sorry for the poor girl ,
how dare that nasty woman.

Loving all the broaches they are gorgeous ,the blue and orange is stunning.

love from sesga xx

Chris said...

Wishing you many more ups in the following days. I hope things improve for you dear Jackie.

maggik1 said...

I love the idea of putting rocks under that darned seesaw! Think I'll try that too. Here's to a steadier week!

Wabbit said...

Oh Jackie, only you could make me laugh and feel bad for you at the same time! Life gets that way though, doesn't it? I think that's the part that makes it interesting. If we were up all the time, we'd be constantly looking up from the up position and trying to get higher and higher. Maybe it's better to go up a bit, down a bit, up a bit, than to go way up and fall way down! Love the brooches, by the way. I'm sure that that stupid woman thought she was providing future-art-changing feedback. She hasn't a clue that when you start out negative, the ears stop listening! HUGS!

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