Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Felt, Museum, and Garden.

Here's a bit of felt at last.  

 I've been invited to exhibit at The Gallery at the Wharf in Burscough for their exhibition 'Flower Power' during the summer.

 So I had to be a bit floral. I don't know if this counts as Floral but I think it does.

 I really like the colour combination here.

Talking of colour combinations.. look at this!

 It was growing in a beautiful garden I visited for 'Art in the Garden' a new venue and new hosts for the event which I've blogged about before. I had been invited to apply but when 'Art and Garden'  came to an end last year I had it in my head that I wouldn't be doing anything in Spring 2014 so gave it a miss. 
I visited though and i shall definitely be applying next year!  It was wonderful
Here's another gorgeous bloom from teh amazing garden.

Last Friday evening we were invited to the opening of the newly refurbished Keswick Museum and Art Gallery. 
Here it is with the new entrance,

 Who would want to look at the exhibits with a view through the entrance to this.

 But here is the reason for our involvement..'The Flintoft Map'. Its there on the wall..huge and heavy and cleaner, a contour map of the lakeland Fells made in around 1860. It was 'approved' at the time by no less than William Wordsworth and John Dalton.

My husband restored it. That sounds easy but it necessitated his organising a wall out, a crane and 6 months in a marine engineering workshop while he worked on it. It was originally displayed flat on the floor which was great for people to see the fells and farms and rivers of Lakeland but now its on the wall and a little difficult to see.

The Museum is delightful with lots of quirky exhibits including a stone xylophone.
This is the view from the front.

We drove up there knowing there would be light refreshments so we booked a meal at a restaurant in Grasmere for later. The Jumble Room.

But HOW SAD!!! The 'refreshments' were FAB_U_LOUS. 

It was very hard not to eat my fill. Tiny circles of quiche with onion relish; teeny savoury scones with cream cheese; cucumber with prawns in lovely dressing;  mini blinis with smoked salmon and an array of little sandwiches.

Followed by ..yes... followed by.. chocolate covered strawberries, mini pavlovas, some little square nutty pistachio-ed gorgeousness.

It was so difficult to resist and I didn't do very well. 
And then we had the meal in Grasmere.

Its official. 
I'm a glutton.


Heather said...

You aren't a glutton - you just appreciate good food! I love the new felt piece and the colours of those flowers is glorious. What a stunning setting for the museum, and what a task for your husband in restoring that wonderful map. Thanks for sharing.

Irene Donovan said...

love your work!!

Teri Berry said...

Love the new piece, it definitely qualifies as flora (lots of leaves) and in my opinion is floral too. Your description of the food has me drooling, it's only gluttony if you scoff and don't appreciate it (at least that's what I keep telling myself) and sounds like you REALLY appreciated it :)

Rachel said...

It's not gluttony when two treats happen on the same day. It's gluttony when something like that happens every day for a year!

I love the new piece. The colours are very reminiscent of some of the Egyptian frescoes I've been looking at for "Dreams of Amarna"!

Carol Q said...

love your creation for the exhibit Jackie. what an amazing blue flower. lucky you to have 2 treats in one day - make the most of it I say :)

Gina said...

Love your felt piece - such pretty colours Jackie. Hope it was a '5' day!!!

Penny said...

Love the colors in this piece. I don't think you are a glutton, it is always hard to know how much you get when it is finger food and we'll done finger food is hard to resist.

Estella Star of the East said...

I so love your bigger felt work, the colors, composition...they all make me happy.
Art and Crafts in a contemporary form.

V.E. (Wales) said...

Mmmmmm, think you're being very modest here Jackie.... how about 'Arty crafty talented glutton'? Lovely, lovely felty floral pics, worthy of any exhibition. Burscough - in my ancestral area,and d.h. worked there for many years but we are exiled now in S Wales. Used to be fields and fields of celery and asparagus growing there and our daughter had a Farm Shop nearby.

Els said...

Ha ! I'm from the "Flower power" era and I LOVE your new piece.
No wonder they've invited you for an exhibition !!!

(ohhhhh wow. that special poppy, almost turqoise blue, but it's hard to grow, I think, comes from Tibet or China ....)

Miriam Weaver said...

Your work is lovely, beautiful colours and your detail is amazing! It was a special day so I'm sure your forgiven for being a glutton (which your not). My husband was intrested in the map, he'd like to know what it's made from?

Kate Fern said...

wonderful colours in your felt garden piece, I love it!

FeltersJourney said...

I love you new piece! The colours and embroidered details.. all gorgeous, and definitely floral :)

Kitty said...

That latest piece is maybe one of my favourites of yours. But I always thank that, and change my mind with each new piece you produce. That blue poppy is exquisite - I think they only grow on very acid soil though, so we couldn't have them here on the heavy clay. :(

Anna said...

A gorgeous piece of work and what a lovely day you had.

Shirl R said...

I love your feltwork piece. Coincidentally I also loved the same flower which I took a photo of from the telly - Chelsea Flower Show :)
Kind regards,
Shirley I.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Onion relish? Oooooh - I haven't had that in years!! I would have scarfed the entire lot! And yes indeed, your piece does qualify as being floral.

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