Saturday, 24 May 2014

Final Venice post.

Around every corner, from the narrowest  alley to the largest square we found little bits of beauty carved in stone.

Over doors, on ledges, and above eye level, there is such a lot to see in Venice.

We had a personal tour guide studied it, as well as his book,

 the map was very small and well written on..but he found all the things we wanted to see. 

I have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever even to the extent that I get lost in a hotel let alone outside so its just as well that he is very good at it. 
I followed his heels like a duckling after its mother.
 But of course you have to get lost in Venice don't you?

We did a bit. 
We started out always near the Rialto Market. 
It was very difficult not to buy everything, but shrimps don't travel well in suitcases do they? A very lovely lady we chatted with at the airport when asked by me if she cooked in her holiday apartment, replied disdainfully 'No I do not. I don't come on holiday to cook'.  

 That made me feel better, but how lovely cooking would have been with all this amazing fresh produce on offer.

I didn't buy a mask either. I was very restrained. As we arrived on dry land the first day we were instantly in the presence of masks! All along the little streets and alleys were shops selling decorated masks and blank masks . I almost succumbed but managed not to.
Here is one of the less touristy carnivale shops.

And here on another day and outside another shop , is a happy customer who was eager to pose with his purchase for a photograph incognito.

In out of the way places we found such things as a furniture restorer,

 a boatbuilder?  No, a gondola builder,

and a beautiful sound.

But we always knew we had to find the Rialto Bridge to get 'home'.

'Home for the few days was this very modern apartment which had everything you needed except a place to relax!
Lovely comfortable bed, air conditioning, a safe, and more wardrobe space than you could shake an easyjet baggage allowance at.

 Perfect for our short exploring holiday, but no balcony or outside space, so if you wanted to just 'be' in Venice for a little longer its perhaps not the best choice.

This was the very Venetian view from our 4th floor windows, lots of them, and if we hung out sideways we could see up the steps of the Rialto bridge! 

 We had some lovely food at such places as Do Spade, lively and friendly and very tasty,

Lovely panna cotta..mmmm.

And this place, at which we were very fortunate to get a seat without reservation, seated beside a Danish couple within shouting distance of  our age, from whom 'mmmmm' sounds were heard throughout each course. I joined in the mmm chorus when our food came. 

It was delicious and even worth the cover charge, which is always added in Venice. 

And of course, one night we had pizza. 

 What could be nicer after fabulous meal than a walk home through these lamplit streets?

Good night Venice.


Miriam Weaver said...

Another great post, Venice is now high up on my must visit list!

acornmoon said...

I am very envious of your Venice trip. A truly magical place and now I want to return.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Well, if this is all the pictures and stories you have to share, you're just going to have to go back! I want to see more!!

FeltersJourney said...

Beautiful! I'm glad you had such a lovely time after so long anticipating your visit!

Rachel said...

Well, I'm almost glad this is the last post - I've turned a very unbecoming shade of green!

Heather said...

More beautiful images to delight all the senses. Lots of inspiration too. My son and daughter-in-law fell in love with Venice on their recent visit.

Bossymamma said...

This has been a wonderfully evocative series of posts about my favourite city. Thank you.

Gina said...

Am I strange?... of course I love to eat out on holiday but if we are staying more than a few days I also love to cook!

Virginia said...

Oh Jackie! What a lovely time you had! We went there many years ago, and had a wonderful time too, but we were unable to go on a gondola as the police had cleared the canals around St Mark's square because Maggie Thatcher was visiting an a few days and they were considered a security risk. Goodness - it WAS a long time ago. I want to go back and have that ride!

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