Tuesday, 3 June 2014

More power to the flower

Before I start rambling I have remembered to say a big thank you to everyone who leaves a comment on here. I can't reply to a lot of them that come to me via my 'social' inbox, I don't know why I can't reply, but please be assured that each one means a lot to me and I am really grateful to know that people actually read this blog!

So this has been on here numerous times....

 as has this.
 and this in the last post.
 But I just wanted to show the collection of 6 pieces I sent to The Gallery at the Wharf in Burscough on Sunday.
The one below is inspired by a photo of a pulsatilla I saw on Facebook . Its the most figurative thing I've done but I got the number of petals wrong so its not true to life!

This one I've called 'Clematis' as thats the nearest thing I can think of. It just came out of my head ..(and there's enough wool in there to make another as my dad used to say in relation to wood)

 I like the rich blue backgtound on this and who says 'blue and green should never be seen'?)

 And finally a more typical piece which I've named after the Blue Poppy in the last post. 

 You learn something with every piece you do and I found I love the teal thread on the limey lemon in the picture below.

So there we are. Flower Power on now until the end of August at The Gallery at the Wharf Burscough.
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