Monday, 15 April 2013

Moon Landing

Well its such a long time since I came here that I'm sure there's a parrallell between number of moon landings=number of blog posts this year but I just can't think of it now.

I had a mad rush of posts when I made lots of stuff and then I ran out of steam. Then I started again.
I have to confess that I post a lot more stuff on my fb page, so all these hearts sold out from my etsy shop instantly with orders for more.

 As I always say, the pinks are just luscious in real life. Some of the below brooches are also sold but teh one I like the best isn't.
 Its the one bang in the centre below with a pink middle and blue spikes.
Ah well, I'm sure when its seen in public at Art an dGarden in June it will appeal in the flesh.

Further to the Ramster submission of the two pieces I showed here, I've had my facebook spies out and several have reported that there have been sightings and my work was indeed hung at Ramster. The exhibition is now over and I haven't  heard a word. 
Last night I had a dream. I was at Ramster.(I've never been) I couldn't get to the big barn in which my work was hung and I wanted to go to the toilet but the only one available was in public(You must have had that dream)
 Someone was sick all over my dress (I never wear dresses but I'm always tall and slim when I'm dreaming) and I found the thing they call 'The Browser' was an old cardboard box and all the pieces were crammed into into it and the brooches I sent were all mangled and looked as if Hetty had been at them. I ended up with two mobile phones and a plate of curry.
Thats the inside of my head at night.

Last week was a game of two covers.

I have been asked by a singer songwriter in Pennsylvania to make a piece of art for his new album cover. I've done it and I really like it and he really likes it and his wife and children really like it and when he sends me the album I'll show it all and hope you really like it then you'll all buy a copy and I'll get royalties.

The second kind of cover was not such fun. Ages ago, years and years ago, we bought a flowery sofa and I couldn't stand the pattern so I bought yards and yards of fabric (too much) and made a loose cover for it and its matching chair. Recently the seat cushions so much else in our humble abode..sprang a leak. When I tried to pull it together my fingers went through and caused more leaks. 
(Un)fortunately I found enough of the fabric leftover to make three new seat covers. Of course they are beautiful pristine and bright and the rest of the sofa doesn't quite match but they are WHOLE and CLEAN even if their contents are disintegrating. 
I am also quite pleased with myself for  having devised a much better pattern for box cushion covers with overlapping  closures and no need for a zip.

Since my last blog post a certain Iron Lady has died. I mention this ONLY to observe that she died on my younger sons 28th Birthday, which is strange when you consider that Princess Diana died on my other sons 15th birthday.

Hmm what else?

The sun came out on saturday morning and we had done the weekly shop in the week so we decided to go out for a tootle.Of course by the time we set off the sun had gone in but that didn't stop Hetty leading the way enthusiastically.

We went to Wycoller. Its a very pretty village near Colne. There's a stream running through it 

with stone bridges here and there and a ruined Manor House

On one bank of the stream there is an area of structures made from living willow.

Must go back and see it in leaf.

And the locals were friendly.

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