Monday, 22 April 2013


The hearts have been very popular.
No sooner do I show them than I sell them. I'm not complaining!
Its lovely to have such appreciative viewers. Long may it continue.
BUT it can get a bit repetitive and I have to make it fun by playing with ideas. 
I made these fruity coloured hearts and thought the centres were just crying out for some spots.

 What do you think? Hand stitching, French knots, what's not to like? 
I know I really enjoyed doing it. 
Strangely, these are colours of the Opal Fruits (Starbursts for you young 'uns) that I liked the least.

 But for stitching I think these are my current favourite colours.

Who remembers Spangles? They were the fruity sweets we had. They came in other flavours besides fruit. Acid drops, made your saliva glands ache;  spearmint, Old English, butterscotch?
Any more?
Probably Barley Sugar.

I'm not good at dying and I'm trying to remember how I get the palest duck egg blue/turquoise that I'm so fond of, so no subtlety for now.

Last week, just after I'd posted in fact, a big but surprisingly light package arrived from Ramster. Only one big piece and four brooches unsold, and a nice big fat and very welcome cheque in an envelope. 
It was the fishy piece that came back and I am really pleased. 
I just wasn't ready to say goodbye.

I expect you south dwelling people are enjoying beautiful sunshine now. Well its grey and wet here. We had a lovely day on Saturday with blue sky and warm sunshine. I even did a tentative bit of gardening..well, re potting really. 
It made a tremendous difference to everything having a day of sun. I drove along the motorway today and was amazed by bright green lumpy forms on the side of the road which I realised were budding bushes. 
About time.

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