Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Green . Is it envy? Jealous hearts? The green-eyed monster?
Or is it Naivety? Innocence? 
Or do you think of the green that is connected with the environment?

Well I would like to use the thesaurus for my definition: 

Definition: young,new,blooming
Synonyms: bosky,budding, burgeoning, callow, developing,flourishing, foliate, fresh, grassy, growing, half-formed, immature, infant, juvenile, leafy, lush, maturing, pliable, puerile, pullulating, raw, recent, sprouting, supple, tender, undecayed, undried, unfledged, ungrown, unripe, unseasoned, verdant, verduous, youthful

BOSKY!  What a wonderful word.
In my failed attempt to achieve palest duck egg dyed velvet I have managed to produce a lot of shades of shades of green and have made some Bosky Brooches.

Tender brooches?

 And big.

These are all long  brooches.

This one has kisses. 

and this one is a bit buttoned up. 

 My favourite is this polka dot one.

Now I've started with the dots  I feel a dotless heart is a little naked. 


Or should that be a spotless heart?
All will be available in my etsy shop but if they are anything like the last batch they won't be there long.


Carol Q said...

ooh my fave colour combo - it seems to be appearing a lot this year. absolutely scrumptious Jackie

Heather said...

You might not have got what you were aiming for, but all these shades are beautiful.

Mary Ann Tate said...

I love the various shades of green and I love the spotted hearts....loverly:)

Pam said...

Jackie, they're all so gorgeous! Love the results of your experiment. Those colours are all so vibrant aren't they? except maybe that last one that seems a wee bit muted compared to the others, and it just happens to be my favourite I think! :) But I think the green in your fav runs a close second. Clever you! ♥

Wendy said...

They shout "spring is here at last - Harrah" to me. Lovely happy colours, they will fly to their new homes :)

Rachel said...

Very bright and springlike!

Craftysiany said...

Ooh love these hearts & in my favourite colours of blue and green as well!!

Elizabeth Armstrong said...

Most delicious!
The aqua particularly thrills me no end! Go you Miss jackie!

sharon young said...

These are gorgeous and I love these beautiful colours, they feel so springlike.
By daughter had a Bosky in one of her houses, it was an awful smoky version of an Aga, dreadful thing. Of course the spelling might have been different.

Handmade in Israel said...

Really love these! Great colours!

FeltersJourney said...

They are lovely! Great colour combo.. it reminds me of fairy-tale for some reason.. Very magical

Anna said...

Love the 'bosky' booches, just right to herald our Spring!

vintagerockchick said...

Long time, no comment Jackie, I'm still a useless blog reader, but have signed up to bloglovin' which may help! The brooches look fantastic, but then I'm a sucker for a pretty heart, Gill xx

mamiblues (Fina) said...

Es una maravilla todo lo que haces!!!!

Robin Mac said...

What a wonderful word, and what gorgeous colours you have achieved, even if they weren't what you were looking for. They all look so happy, and I am sure they will disappear as fast as you load them in your etsy shop. Cheers

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