Thursday, 28 March 2013

Judgement day!!

Here is the judging panel.
Out for lunch..completely impartial non-bloggers..I made them wade through all the 50 plus comments (which I had cut and pasted anonymously so even I didn't know who the winners were until just now) and choose .

I can now tell you the winners of the Moo business cards giveaway competition are

Jennifer with this comment: 
Wow! How lovely. Perfect post and perfect timing as I have never heard of MOO and I'm about to jumpstart my own little creative venture and was looking to have business cards made. Whether selected or not, MOO just received my business by looking at your beauties. How would mine stand out? The quality printing, for sure!

Mike from Wudwerx with this wonderful verse.

There was a young man from Crewe,
Who filled Bee Hotels with Bamboo,
It was very hard,
Without a nice business card,
So he tried to win some from Moo!

Poetry isn't my strong point..... I'll stick to making Bee Hotels.

Lovely blog post.


Jennyflower with this community bid

Oo oo I love Moo!
I have some Moooo cards myself but how coooool would it be to have some to give out for our community needle groooooup the chain gang? That way we can make even more friends. Hoooooooray! xxxxx

The judges decision is final as they say.

So congratulations to all three, and now you have to send me your usual email address (send to
which I will pass on to Moo and they will give you codes to use at checkout. I suspect there could be a bit of a delay from MOO as its the Easter Holidays but they are worth waiting for. 
You could start your designs now and save the project until you get the code for checkout.
( Remember its for 50 business cards)

Commiserations to all the other entries, but at least you all know about MOO now and if you subscribe to their newsletter they often send offers out.

Have a lovely Easter everyone.
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