Friday, 15 March 2013

Moving on..

This is the progress I've made with the piece I started before I went to Ireland.
If I hadn't already committed myself to this, there might have been pictures inspired by the Burren here today. 
However I've added some bits of seaweed

 and incorporated most of the pieces I made earlier, although one old and one new didn't make the final cut so to speak.

 I'm quite pleased with some of the new pieces. I particularly like this squiddy-bit for the way the different colours of felt have separated nicely into panels with the stitched lines.

 It took AGES of moving and placing and trying and re-trying to get all these into some sort of pleasing composition but once I 'let go' of two pieces it came together well.

 I have to confess that I used dabs of fabric glue to hold them in place before stitching them  down.

Then finally added the finishing touches with some hand stitch.

Thats the really fun bit but sometimes I just don't know when to stop!

I think Its finished now.

But as usual mounting is an issue. 
(I am having a very discerning visitor today so I shall ask her advice)

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