Thursday, 21 March 2013


Two little parcels came in the post today.

It might well say 'YAY" on the box. I am so excited.
The wonderful people at MOO offered me a 'spend' in their shop in return for a blog post about their products.
I needed no convincing. I have been using MOO for a long time and I already recommend them to friends because their products are SO GOOD. 
(You would not believe the offers from other companies I have turned down because I don't use them..knitting books; software scrapbooking programmes with potentially big financial rewards; free ipad cases..well I'm  thinking about that one!)

Anyway..back to moo..
Two parcels arrived so I opened the little one first. 
A book of 90 stickers with my own photographs on them. 

Thats what's so great about MOO. You use your own photos if you like and you can have every one of them different. Or you can buy ready made designs.

So here they are.

Now to the lovely big box..even the boxes are beautiful quality. 

The first thing I got out was this little lidded box of 50 business cards for me.

As many different photos on the back as you like and your details on the front with one image or a logo which is the same on all of them.

 Aren't they lovely?

I also got 50 cards for my husband from 5 of his photos of projects he worked on.

  This photo was on the front showing a painting in the process of being cleaned.

Some of them have the finished piece on the other side.

On to the next and most exciting packet of all. 

25 Greetings cards. I have to tell you the quality is gorgeous. They are a very substantial matte card blank inside (but you can put a greeting in )

 and what might loosely be called 'my logo' on the back.

 I used photos of my work and other things appropriate for greetings cards.

 Oohh yumyumyumyum. Its a delicious pile of loveliness. 

I've looked into making cards from my work but its always been fraught with difficulty, Moo make it so easy.

There were also lovely white envelopes which were free but you can pay a bit extra for colours.

And finally.....100 deliciously sweet mini moo cards. I've had these before and was just thinking about ordering more when this offer arrived in the nick of time!

Like the business cards you can have as many different photographs on one side as you like, and a fixed one on the other side with your details.
These come in a lovely little lidded box.

NOW FOR THE SCIENCE: the lovely people at Moo sent me a sheet of copy for you my dear readers  .
Here and concentrate and some of this loveliness in the form of 50 business cards will be yours for absolutely free wherever you live in the world.

MOO Giveaway with Dog Daisy Chains

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve teamed up with the design and print guys at to provide a great giveaway to 3 lucky readers! MOO love printing business cards, MiniCards, creating custom stickers, postcards & labels - MOO do it all!


MOO ascended from a desire of gorgeous, first-rate business card design - they make the design and print process accessible and easy. You can choose to either select from the business card templates or upload your own images to create truly unique products.

Giveaway Prizes

WIN: A set of 50 Classic Business Cards for THREE winners.

How To Win!

For a chance of winning a MOO prize, simply leave a comment below, telling us how your design will stand out from the crowd! Be imaginative, funny and most importantly unique! Make us smile you’re in with a great chance of winning.

Winners will be chosen from the comments below and will be asked for a valid email address so they can get their prize.
Good luck!

Here endeth the lesson.

Now, I don't know who is going to choose the winner but it will be someone ..I suspect it will be me but you never know....

Come on...we're waiting.....

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