Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Warning:May contain traces of dogs.

Many paws have passed through the pages of this blog in the three and a half years of its existence. 
When we began I had my lovely constant companion, Willow, and we shared many walks with you.
I was distraught when she died.

 Before Willow we had Daisy our first ever dog. Like Willow but with a black head. She was from the pre-digital era so I don't have any photographs on my Computer except  this one. Its not a success but it gives the idea and shows feline paws too.

And who could forgot Porky and Blodwen? We had them on various occasions.
 They baffled Willow with their size, she didn't baffle them, they were many things!
 Conveniently sink sized, and completely underwhelmed by great Art.

My son had a dog for a few years, the delightful Denny. Noisy and enthusiastic and very intelligent. She came to stay a few times causing the cats to run up impossibly high and unsuitable for climbing Leylandii trees next door.

Then we had a visit from Indie. She is a real treasure and so peaceful and gentle you could take her anywhere. So we did! Here she is cooling off in Bassenthwaite,after a visit to Woolfest.
Then we met Dylan, a little cutie being looked after by my friend, when we went away to the Lake district for my birthday last year.
Another one of Denise's charges came to us for a night,

When Willow died I thought I could never love another dog.
I didn't feel I could manage a pointer again and thought I'd just enjoy looking after other people's dogs.
Then a few weeks ago along came Missy.
When she went home after a week we missed her more than we had expected. 
We felt ready for a dog again.
So we made a few enquiries. 

and in two weeks and two days Hetty will be coming to live with us.

But Willow will always be there in the background to keep and eye on things.

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