Thursday, 13 October 2011

More more more

"Oh no not more of those B***** leaves!" I hear you cry.
Well a girls got to keep a record and present it to the world. 
You've aready seen plenty of the above but can you spot the difference in the ones below?
I had a plan where I'd stick to a few basic designs but I just can't help deviating. I suddenly made the veins and they reminded me of beech leaves, on the ground, in the Autumn and winter when you go for a walk at dusk and the stars come out...I just had to add a few stars. So a new 'standard' was born. What shall I call them?
Starry beech?
Since I showed the fronds I have sold a few and so just made an extra couple to keep the numbers up. Its my favourite.
I haven't listed these or the fronds on etsy but they are very definitely available as brooches or pendants...just ask.
UPDATE:I decided to list them after all! HERE
Don't forget 20% discount for blog readers with coupon code 'squashes'
Talking of shops, I must direct you all to the recently opened etsy shop of my old school friend Elli Woodsford, Embex studio.  Imagine my surprise when I found her a few years ago on Friends Reunited, with a passion for textiles!
I just had to get in touch immediately.
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