Saturday, 8 October 2011

Its that time again

 Yes here I go again! Craft fairs approach. I may have three in the offing, and as well as that I have Gallery Commitments, so its all systems go here in my little sewing den. I would love to call it a studio but lets face it, its the spare room.
I've been limbering up with a few colourful paisley pieces. It takes me ages to get into the swing of things and these started in a bit of a forced way but eventually became more fluent.
I do so love choosing the colours and matching the threads and felt.
And then I went a bit 'off piste' with a scrap of leftover velvet, a prototype that needs refining.
Maybe there'll be more of these but I'll have to see. Thats why blogging is so useful , the feedback is invaluable. Thank you everyone for your comments. I have 761  762 followers now. I can't believe it. 
Thank you all for signing up.
I based this one on the shapes of some of the leaves at Charleston. 

A few weeks ago I had a mystery envelope through the letterbox.
 Nothing on the back and I didn't recognise the writing.
 On opening it up I found this delightful little envelope..still no wiser....then inside that
 was a beautiful piece of writing paper and even then I didn't quite realise what it was.
 All that was written on it was...............
 Then there was the tissue wrapped parcel and it began to dawn on me.......
 How exciting! I'd won the giveaway on Karens blog a few weeks earlier and had forgotten about it so it was extra surprising to find this delightful, exquisite little 'sketch book page' inside.
 There is so much work in this precious little sheet of paper. Perfect embroidery stitches a pricked pattern, around a beautiful circle of fine pink flowery fabric.
 How amazing. If you don't know Karen's blog do go and have a look at all the delicious works of stitched art there. Everyone has hours and hours of beautiful hand stitching in it and she uses gorgeous materials. There are even classes so you try your hand at stitching along with her. Thank you Karen. I won't be putting it in the bottom of the cat litter tray as you suggested!

Off I go to get into full production mode.   

Thanks for reading and commenting.
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