Wednesday, 28 September 2011


 My vegetable gardening failure has reached almost legendary status.
 But I can grow things on my sewing machine, in the fertile soil of my spare room, on a bed of felt.
 I water with thread and feed with velvet.
 I judiciously prune the leaves (splitting infinitives as I skip merrily through the pumpkin patch) 

and when they are ripe I can pick them.
 then lay them out for quality control.

 As in life there are a couple of left handers.
 Ten fat pumpkins all made into brooches for Halloween chic.
 Available here by request or in my etsy shop for slightly more.
 Pick a number. any number.
All different. 
(Blog readers get 20% discount on anything in my etsy shop with coupon code 'squashes' until 22nd October)
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