Monday, 12 September 2011

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Twilight arrived.

September Night followed.
 A while ago I made two pieces of felt with a view to making smaller works. I forgot to photograph the 'plain felt'. I made pre-felts and cut them into shapes, laying them down on a background and wet felting again. They are around 8 inches square.
I made vague leafy shapes and machine stitched them, adding details by hand later. It took me ages to do the one above.
Suddenly I needed two pieces to enter for an open exhibition, so decided to finish the other one off..which I did in a day!

 That presents a problem...I haven't got to know it yet..I didn't want to let it go! It turned out better than the first one I think. I must be Bloomsbury Inspired!
Just for a change I thought I'd put them in frames. They are a bit squashed but more sellable.
I still don't really like textiles behind glass though.
 More difficult to photograph and to look at.
The frames ar about a foot square.
Did you spot the mistake?
Or should I say , 'Indecision?' Autumn Twilight ...which way up?
In the first picture its got the grey leaf at the top right.
I liked it better in the frame with the leaf at the bottom.

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