Saturday, 13 August 2011

This is not my work

Just a record of  a super but very tiring day out to The Festival Of Quilts last Thursday.
I didn't buy a programme so I can't tell you who these were by. I loved this called 'Colour comes to the back of Beyond'

 The traditional quilts section had some beautifully made pieces . I liked this one especially because in my UFO bag from the 1970s I have one using these shapes.
 The subject of this picture was close to my heart. The quilting stitches were all sorts of words like 'half a pound of sausages' and 'Fat' but I think they were all positive, right down to 'Chocolate coated statins'.
 I once had an idea to make a piece about being diabetic, with a lot of text , but I think this says it all.
 Beautiful quilts by Pia Welsch (?) with machine embroidered motifs on the surface.
 Fabulously shaded pictorial piece. The detail was amazing.
 I loved these fish. There were 4 altogether, and below , one called 'Manhattan' drew me in.

The one below which I love was made from knitted pieces and looked very comfortable.
We had a bloggy meet up and the one on the front row who looks like a barrage balloon is yours truly.  I've replaced that unflattering pic with one I've pinched from Sue K! Hope you don't mind Sue.
Left to Right: Julie, Mirim, Carol McFee,Carolyn Saxby,Margaret Roberts,Me, Gina, Chrissie, Viv Margaret, and Sue is seated.
It was great fun. We all said hello gleefully with much hugging like old friends, and  chatted and then stood about wondering what to do!

Inevitably we went our separate ways and then..AND THEN.....

They bowled me over. 
 Each and every one was a stunner.
 But the prices. This below was enormous and was a mere £500 and some.
 Its telling that this mans hand is a blur.
 These smaller one were around  £100 and some were well under

It makes me embarrassed about  what I do and what I charge.

It was a grand day out.

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