Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Not many words needed. These are what it says on the tin.
 Little extracts from larger pieces, or should I say abstracts? Some of the areas I like from the larger pieces reworked as small squares.
About 4 inches square. SOLD.


 I love this bit where the silk fibres have spread over the wool felt, and make a sort of marble effect.
I think they look nice in a row.

Now listed on Etsy (Only the centre one available now)
Another little miniature that came into our house yesterday. 
Jools our badboy cat was feeling bored with the expensive food we'd spread before him so went out out for a snack. He doesn't have many teeth so the snack escaped, besides he wasn't that hungry.
I caught him under a glass. The only damage was a wet back from the cat gums.

Sweet. Enormous eyes.
And now free.

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