Saturday, 27 August 2011

This and that.

 Forgive me for showing these again but they were taken with my new camera and I feel they are better than my previous version.
 The background is a little on the pinkish side though. I will have to keep trying.The exhibition has just three more days to go..weekends only ..four if you include today. Astley Hall Coach house gallery, Chorley. Free admission.
 Poor Mummycat was put out of her misery a week last Thursday. Her ear cancer wouldn't stop despite two operations and much bandaging and dressing it was a big mess and couldn't be ignored so it was the only way. We buried her in the garden near this lovely bush. We were very sad, but our spirits were lifted by our little guest. Missy.
 The most adorable well behaved little mini Schnauzer. She's going home tomorrow so I expect I'll be a bit sad. Its a bit much to hope her owners might not want her back isn't it? We've walked all over with her. My Mum and I walked for two hours last Mum is almost 84!
 We took Missy and my Mum  to Elterwater on Thursday, she helped us finish our pasta salad at Chesters, so we had to take her for a big walk after that! We don't want to send home tubby.

 Now: I know I was very optimistic in this post, and excited about my vegetable patch.
Well its a good job anticipation is so enjoyable because the outcome is not good. The broad beans fell over numerous times, allowing the snails to leap aboard their bendy stems. Some of the flowers went black and dropped off and I am still waiting for my harvest.

 I've had a squeeze at these pods and I'm sure they're empty.

 The leaves are holey and even my nasturtiums haven't flowered.
 And as for the garlic......well apart from most of it vanishing this is whats left. Impressed? 
No neither am I.
 Oh well. never mind. 

I had a belated birthday trip out with my friends last night. We caught a steam train in Bury and had a chug along the moors whilst eating a lovely meal.
 And drinking copious amounts of wine.
 All the carriages were 'first class'
Many of the passengers were in vintage costume to go with the train.
 This is a place called 'Summerseat'. I really must investigate from the roadside sometime.

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