Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Scoring in Extra time

Our planned weekend away has been cancelled and I have been given some extra time to complete my exhibition pieces. 

So, yet another 'Midnight's all a Glimmer' for which the other two were trial runs. 

But more exciting for me, and I don't want to sound smug or self satisfied, but here's "Peace comes dropping slow' and I have to say I am delighted with it. rather poor photograph in raking sunlight.

Update: I took the photo below in dull weather today. Click to enlarge.

 I used palest colours and light coloured velvet and added machine embroidery which was a joy to do. I used the little seedhead motif to evoke  the 'slow dropping' floating down feeling. I kept the colours very pale and added tinges of ..yes you guessed it- ochre, teal, grey, cream, aqua.
 Each one is different and instead of using the holey felt I went back to the (despised in some quarters) blank white canvas and they just began to speak more clearly. I chose a grid pattern because it reminds me of Mid century fabric patterns, it pleases me. 
How does that happen? I had no idea what the outcome would be when I started.
Below is my very favourite one.

 Its almost too sunny at the moment to take decent pictures. I might try more later. In fact I'll bore the internet to death with them!

 In the meantime
..anyone want to buy some holey felt?
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