Saturday, 25 June 2011


 Well its been a long time since I was here because I've been a busy bee. Sometimes lovely weeks come along when quite ordinary events happen and make you feel good.  Along with all the events I've finished another piece for an open exhibition locally. Its another version of 'Where the Cricket sings' and is smaller and goes alongside 'Midnights all a-glimmer'. 
 I'm just showing one or two details.
 I really must change my palette don't you think?
 But I do love these colours.
 Here they are together.
 Embroidery 2000 are gearing up for our next stage of the exhibition which will be at Astley Hall Coach House Gallery, Chorley, starting on 9th July and open weekends 12-5, until 4th September.
The Gallery is big so we are all doing more work and putting some older work in. I've made several floppy pieces of cobweb felt as the basis of a piece called 'Peace comes dropping slow' . My other piece with that title was a bowl so I've renamed that and transferred the title to this one. I'm going to add some small delicate motifs and hang it from a batten in layers. Fingers crossed. I'll bore you with a load of photographs.
 I put silk fibres on the felt and graded the colours .
 Its holey!
 I suppose the veils of morning would have been the perfect title but I've already made that piece.

 For photographing I've hung it inappropriately fro my flowery ironing board!

 Here's one of my nice events of the week: Dexter. He came for the day and had hundreds of kisses. He's the most kissable doggie I've ever met. We had a lovely long long walk. It wasn't going to be long but I bumped into an old friend and her son and we walked for miles, so when his minder came for him we were out!
 Another day my husband had to take a painting back to Didsbury so we picked up my son and went for lunch to 'The Art of Tea' a lovely 'shabby ' cafe with a second hand bookshop in the back. I googled it and it hasn't got universally good reviews but we thought it was great. Lovely staff and delicious food.
 Rocket salad with sunflower seed dressing. 

Last weekend was Art and Garden and as usual its a beautiful event. Here's my tree with brooches. I sold quite a bit of stuff but not as much as usual. 
 So many people who were there said it didn't matter f they didn't sell anything because they love it. 
I agree.
And here's my next door neighbours' honeysuckle growing over their back wall. The leaves looked a bit wiggly and I thought it was diseased  but I've never seen it so fluorescent.
Add in a Confirmation where I was the sponsor and had a lovely time afterwards drinking wine with the parents, a workshop with my embroidery group and a plea to take part in a good craft fair in November, and even the weather hasn't dampened my spirits.
I do have a cold though.

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