Monday, 6 June 2011

Different creativity

In the first year of my blog I revealed my appalling failure as a gardener with the above picture..
These are the easiest thing in the world to grow ..nasturtiums ...and I had failed. 
But this year I have determined to have a better go at it.
 I think I gave up on gardening when we had dogs running all over the flower beds, so felt doomed to failure. 
Now, with a new, possibly chemically induced optimism...(Yes the pills are working) may I present the instant-tetris-bookshelf-raised-garden?

 Yes these little units were once my sons bookshelves made in tetris modules shapes.  I have asked for raised beds for the last six months. 'I'll have to look for some wood' came the reply.  
See if we have some wood?!!!!!
You can't look in our garage without getting splinters.  
So I went in the garage and saw these and knew they would work. They are only MDF so won't last long, but have had a coat of 'Ball green' inside and out and are sealed along the bottom edge with duct tape.
I have to admit that B&Q grew the chard and the strawberries..But I grew the broad beans from seeds.
 Impressed? I hope so. I am. I have a chair right next to them so I can sit and watch them grow, and listen to the army of slugs gnashing their teeth at the edge of the gravel. 

 Just pass me my  lace up wellies , an organic hemp smock, and a trug, and there's not much between me and Sarah Raven. Well, except about a foot in height and few acres.
 I know that in the south and east, broad beans are bearing fruit now,  and mine may seem pathetic, but its cold here, and often dull. Believe me this is a triumph in these parts. 850 feet above sea level and on the moors, clay soil, in the shade.

I've been creative in the kitchen too. (Oooh just call me Nigel Slater, what with the Swiss chard and everything)
Chocolate covered crinkle cut ready salted potato crisps .

One of my gifts for my friends 60th birthday after a conversation where they cropped up as a joke. 
Here's the recipe:

Ingredients: 4 bars of Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate
I bag of milky bar buttons
2 bags of Seabrookes crinkle cut ready salted crisps.

Method: Eat one of the bars of dairy milk.
Melt the other three.
In another bowl melt some of the milky bar buttons. Eat the rest.
Empty out the two bags of crisps and eat all the broken ones.

Dip the round ones in chocolate and put onto waxed paper. 
If you don't have waxed paper use a yard of bondaweb wrong side up with the adhesive bit peeled off.
Dribble with some milky bar chocolate melted.
Put in the fridge .

Try one.
Then another.
Just to see if they are ok.
And another.

Quality tested by me.
I think.
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