Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A Rant and a a Rave

Forgive me for this non craft no picture post.
Its blog as Catharsis. And its very boring but I have to do it.

I am raving (in good way) about Meyer customer services.
They sent me a new kettle today, to replace one that broke quite a while ago. I had no receipt, the guarantee had expired and in exchange for the old kettle and at a cost of £6 postage today I received my new kettle.
It even had a letter enclosed offering to replace my toaster even though that was out of guarantee. (But they'd misunderstood my letter..they'd already done that!)
Its like this.


I am ranting about Morphy Richards customer service.
I have a kettle (Bought to replace the one above under 12 months ago) still under 2 year Guarantee.
Its like this (But black)
I can't find the receipt. Comet can't find the receipt either.
The lid has snapped off. It used to spring up at the press of a button but ceased to do so and eventually snapped off.
Morphy Richards won't do anything for me.


It was finding the Morphy Richards box with 'Guaranteed for 2 years' written all over it, that spurred me into trying to get a replacement.
So I thought I'd try with the older broken-switch kettle at the same time.

Now if you've read all that you deserve a reward so in eager anticipation of next Monday here it is.
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