Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Better Now

Thank you dear readers for politely reading, commenting and bearing with me during my rant.

I have made a few brooches derived from the piece in this post.

I have made them for a reason I am unable to divulge just at the moment.

But in the fullness of time all will be revealed.
I also made an extra bit of embroidery to go with the others.
It taught me anew that there is always something more to be learnt from 'sampling'.
Its very subtle but if you look closely at the 'knobby' bits
they are just a bit different a bit more successful than some others you may have seen. The difference is that I went round and round and round over them till I built up quite a raised blob. I was using variegated thread so it was nice to exhaust one shade and surround it with the next from the same thread.
The weather forecast for Marrakesh: Monday..heavy rain.
Of course it is..I'm going.
Update on Thursday: I haven't had a cough or a cold or anything for at least 18 months and guess what? A sore throat and a headache this morning. I think I'll stay in bed till Monday!
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