Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Getting a Grip

A bit of my tangle is beginning to be undone.
I've had a productive week since I last blogged.

This is a very small piece, about 3 inches wide, to ease me into fulfilling one of my commitments.
Then I did some more, repeating myself somewhat, but with slight changes.

Hopefully, when you look at these you will be reminded of the 1950s.

Then I moved on to a new piece, using all my favourite techniques and materials.
Its about 8 inches square.

The details are very small.

But, I hope, perfectly formed!

Rather like the little person in the chair below, who I have been looking after again, this time without her companion, and she is a lot more hard work on her own.

I call this 'Close encounters of the furred kind'.
I had a wonderful picture with Blodwen, Jools, MummyCat, and Willow, all in the hall , all desperately trying to each deny the others' existence, but I accidentally deleted it.

Now a confession.
I tweeted.
Well. ....I had to try it. The truth is I only do it when I'm bored so my tweets are very tedious.
I might shut my beak.

I've been stocking my Etsy shop. All this is tea bag paper in bundles in envelopes ready for buyers.
Well you have proceed hopefully don't you?
And yesterday I listed this cuff. (SOLD)
I know I'm a bit late but the bush fires in Australia haven't gone unnoticed by me.
Some of the stories that have emerged are heartbreaking and I send my prayers and sympathy to anyone who reads this and is affected.


Gina said...

That is some lovely looking work that you've been doing Jackie.

Mary said...

Hi Jackie! Love what you have been working on. My favorite would have to be the one in the second and third photos. Love that color combination and the patterns!

Gunnels blog said...

lovely work as usaul! I love the stitching, the colours and the texture !

arlee said...

the electric blue and shocking pink are amazing!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Lovely work Jackie. Your designs are just great. Fab colours & textures and so individually yours.
That cuff is exceptional too.
I spent all weekend rearranging furniture and my work space now needs tidying again. I can't seem to get back into making anything. Hopefully tomorrow.

Hens Teeth said...

Poor girly, she must miss her companion, it's so sad.

Your work is delicious and very, very 50's, which is a good job, I would say!

silverpebble said...

Jackie, your work always reminds me of multicellular organisms - protists, amoebae, euglena, even viruses - they're beautiful to look at down a microscope and just as lovely to peep at in your work, It's fascinating stuff and gives me smiley eyes. Very sweet doggy action going on there too. Emma x

Kayla coo said...

I do love your retro inspired embroidery Jackie.x

Kitty said...

Your stuff is just so stylish, and instantly recognisable as 'yours' - I love it. x

Heather said...

I love your 50s style pieces and think they are even better than the real 50s designs. The way you combine colours, textures and stitchery is enviable. Good luck with your Etsy shop. The little person in the chair looks adorable - do you find looking after someone else's dog is a bit like having a child around again? I always think I must keep our daughter's dog amused but in reality I think she amuses me.

Judy Scott said...

love your beautiful work ~ Judy x

Maureen said...

Lovely pieces Jackie but I don't remember the 50s???

Sue said...

This is fab stuff Jackie, you are in the zone! Keep it up :-)

tangled stitch said...

These are absolutely beautiful. I love the miniatures but love the cuff too.

'fancypicnic' said...

Oh, Jackie - always such a huge treat to pop in; sumptuously gorgeous stitchery.

Twitter?? Can't get to grips with it...nothing exciting to say...who wants to know if I'm off to the loo?? I know, I know - that's not the point!

*note to self: must try harder.....*

Michael House said...

Beautiful work, as ever. Aren't animals funny, pretending others do not exist. Our collie stares at our cat, apparently in order to control him and make him go away. Of course, in the end, it always works, if she stares for long enough!

Anonymous said...

Your work is stunning and it definitely says 1950s to me ,I love it all.
Love from sesga xx

Dot said...

I am drooling over the work you have been doing. Your color combinations are stunning.

Love the pic of the furries too!

kristin said...

you've done it again...really lovely, all of it.

Lorna Cameron said...

Wonderful work...you must have such patience and a great eye for colour combinations...love the textures and designs...Pleasure to view x

Sarah and Jon said...

Such beautiful work!

I've been tweeting too - still getting the hang of it...

Annica said...

Great pieces! Love the colours you used!

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.