Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Getting a Grip

A bit of my tangle is beginning to be undone.
I've had a productive week since I last blogged.

This is a very small piece, about 3 inches wide, to ease me into fulfilling one of my commitments.
Then I did some more, repeating myself somewhat, but with slight changes.

Hopefully, when you look at these you will be reminded of the 1950s.

Then I moved on to a new piece, using all my favourite techniques and materials.
Its about 8 inches square.

The details are very small.

But, I hope, perfectly formed!

Rather like the little person in the chair below, who I have been looking after again, this time without her companion, and she is a lot more hard work on her own.

I call this 'Close encounters of the furred kind'.
I had a wonderful picture with Blodwen, Jools, MummyCat, and Willow, all in the hall , all desperately trying to each deny the others' existence, but I accidentally deleted it.

Now a confession.
I tweeted.
Well. ....I had to try it. The truth is I only do it when I'm bored so my tweets are very tedious.
I might shut my beak.

I've been stocking my Etsy shop. All this is tea bag paper in bundles in envelopes ready for buyers.
Well you have proceed hopefully don't you?
And yesterday I listed this cuff. (SOLD)
I know I'm a bit late but the bush fires in Australia haven't gone unnoticed by me.
Some of the stories that have emerged are heartbreaking and I send my prayers and sympathy to anyone who reads this and is affected.
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