Monday, 27 July 2009

You know what pride goes before?

All that boasting in the last posts has set me up for a fall and I've just had it.
My Beach towel lookalike has been rejected from the exhibition I submitted it for, and ITS MY OWN FAULT.
I had a perfectly good idea, and a perfectly good piece and I altered it to something else just because I lost confidence in the original.
Woe is me.

But I think I would have been very embarrassed to see it hanging up .
I'm going to cut it up right now and restore it to its former state that I was very happy with.

No matter how many successes you have its always the one failure that makes you feel like ...well know what.



Hi Jackie
It happens to us all, hope you do something with it that you are pleased with
Carolyn x

Heather said...

Stamp on any negative thoughts this very minute!! Your work is fantastic - we all know that, and we all know you can't win every time. Go back to your original idea and submit the work somewhere else. Best wishes and I hope that doesn't sound too bossy but I've acquired a fourth great grandchild this week, so I'm entitled to be old and bossy - so there!

Menopausal musing said...

I'm with Heather: the percentage of your successes outweighs the failures by loads at the moment. Chin up, it's their loss. x

Mary said...

ugh! That really is sad - sorry it didn't work out.

Beena said...

Don't be too discouraged. There are all kinds of reasons a piece doesn't get accepted to a show, or even once accepted in a show, it doesn't do well. And MOST of the time, it isn't a reflection on a person's work. At all.
You keep right on tooting your own horn about your successes! And don't let one minor thing like this get you down. Not for a second. Submit it elsewhere because the world is full of people, and while some may let this pass them by, there are many who will recognize its beauty.

arlee said...

I try to keep the failures and rejections in the file of "perspective"----learning to trust ourselves is the bigger file beside it :}

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Ditto what Heather said (only without the grandkiddies!). It's their loss.

karen said...

platform gallery?? You could put it in the loo at sparkle then if we are right next to it we will have use of a luxurious towel!

Clare W said...

"Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start right over again" as the song goes - easier said than done!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Never mind, dwell on your successes. Best wishes. Lesley

jude said...

ain't it the truth. up and down. never get too comfortable with either. applies to just about everything. yes?

Kayla coo said...

When things like this happen you have to turn it into a positive.
It makes the successes even sweeter!
Again it's there loss.

Kim said...

How I can sympathise. I've done this many times, or taken the safe but dull option! At the end of the day, do what pleases you, it will have more soul and that shines through.

I love the new look, and you look soooo happy and proud of your son in his graduation picture. Well done him :)

Kim x

Dot said...

Hi Jackie
Sorry to hear about the rejection. However, you are very talented ; many , many people love your art. And I know you will continue to bring joy to others through your art and through your blog too.
Dot xx

maggik1 said...

It did NOT look like a beach towel! Did you only enter one piece? Take it apart again and do individual pieces? Why didn't you enter your other Marrakesh piece? That is gorgeous.

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