Monday, 12 January 2009

A Post with appalling picture quality.

Not Long Till Valentine's day!
I've been working for an Art Gallery near Newtown in Wales and didn't finish sewing till 1 am, so the pictures were taken in very poor artificial light, because all the items went off to Wales early this morning.

I've had these large blanket/kilt pins for ages and I've indulged myself. I've wanted to make these for a while but couldn't really justify them..what are they? Even I don't know. Large brooches or small wall hangings?

I just wanted to play with the tweed and velvet for its own sake.
(Oh the pictures are sooo bad)
There's an extraneous bit of red got onto this green one.

I wish you could really see this red in all its glory.

Besides these I made some more cuffs to go with the heart brooches.
Here's the coppery gold one.

The Gallery is having a Burns Night and Valentine event so these tweed hearts fill both bills!

Again the colours are all wrong.
(But you're an imaginative bunch so I'm sure you get the picture)
Now, I've been tagged twice on the same day.
Once by Lorie my dear distant friend and supporter, and once by Daisie who is probably the nearest blogger to me.
They were not exactly the same was 6 things that make me happy every day, and the other was 6 things I love.
I'll just choose 6 nice things and invite anyone out there to do the same.
So, not counting the family, here goes.
1.Walking round Tarn Hows on a crisp frosty winters day just as its going dark.
2. Eating and drinking in the company of close friends who you can be completely yourself with.
3. Northern Exposure TV series. I watched every single episode and loved every one.
4.Climbing into a freshly made bed into newly ironed cotton sheets.
5. Afternoon tea at Bettys
6.Sitting at my sewing machine with a huge pile of fabrics and threads and sewing.
I won't tag anyone else, but if you want to do it, link to me and tag 6 more...or don't. could I have been so stupid?
I have been reading about Cyber Fiber for quite some time now, and not really cottoned on the the idea that I could send a postcard to be exhibited before trading.
When I finally realised what an amazing job Susan Lenz has done I was so busy that it was quite hard to find the time to join in.
However today I managed to make one.
I was going to design something special, but in the end I decided 'stick with what you know'
And after that I wen to see my Mum for the afternoon.
We watched a DVD of Mamma Mia and had a glass of Baileys!
Simple pleasures.


lesley said...

How beautiful. I love the blanket/kilt pin brooches and the copper cuff is simple gorgeous! And what a perfect finish a Baileys! xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Finally - a good use for kilt pins! I have several of them floating around and never could figure out what they might be used for. Great idea!!
I'm with you on the Bailey's!!

Victoria said...

Even with poor lighting it is obvious how beautiful all of your creations are! Also, I was a huge fan of Northern Exposure, too... one of the best shows ever!

Dot said...

It must be tricky to find enough light to take clear photo's during the cooler months but you have done a great job.

Love your mini quilts on kilt pins (what a clever idea). And your valentines birds are beautiful Jackie.

And I do love a glass (a big glass) of Baileys!

Dot said...

P.S I saw Mama Mia 3 times!

Jude said...

Mama Mia, wonderful!!! As usual, you're work is beautiful. Good luck.

Gina said...

I love the idea for using the quilt pins like that. And "be my tewwetheart" is adorable!

Sue said...

Jackie these are really lovely. I think, don't worry about what things 'are'. The nicest things aren't meant to be anything!

Kitty said...

I never tire of looking at your work - that combination of tweed and velvet is just ... stunning. LOVE the little kilt pin hanging things - so beautiful.

I didn't see a single episode of Northern Exposure, but it always looked like something I'd like if I'd have watched it. If that makes sense?!


Vicki Halliday said...

I am such a fan of velvet, and I really love your work. I'm going to post in my blog about you and your work, so have copied a few pics. I hope you get some traffic from it. Good luck with the enterprise.

Daisie said...

Tweetheart - brilliant! Love the little love bridies and the big kilt pin jobbies would look so good on a handbag!

Lorie M. said...

Yeah for you! Kilt pins..hmm where'd you get so many of them? Are some poor Scottish lads running around with their kilts flapping open :)? I had a huge crush on Chris, in N.E.. great show! Hey, thanks for playing along. I covet all I see on your blog!

Michael House said...

You are gifted with fabric and words! Tweetheart, how clever is that! Great bird and the little kilt pins are fun.

Miss Frugality said...

mmmm....baileys! and Mmmm your lovely velvets and tweed! I think those kilt pin brooches would look wonderful fastening a shawl or wrap.Great stuff as ever Jackie!

Robyn said...

Ooooh the postcard is fantastic!It would also look great as a journal cover.

Shelly said...

You have such a killer wit. The post title alone sent me into stitches (cheesy pun, sorry . . not intended).
Your brooches are fabulous !! By all means, indulge yourself. More for us to see and be inspired by.
The postcard is so beautiful. Love the stitching and colors.

WendyCarole said...

Love the birds and the mini wall hangings

beadbabe49 said...

Susan will just love your postcard!

hens teeth said...

Jackie I wish I could explain to you how beautiful I think your work is. I would love to be able to describe how I feel about your jewels in new and exciting way and one that you have not heard before....but anyway love, love love. x

Julie said...

Sounds like a perfect afternoon with your Mum! I love the kilt pins too, including the touch of red.

Ooh! I've just remembered "Northern Exposure" I watched a few of those :o) It was a great series.

The Devil Makes Work said...


Wow, they are lovely. The colours are gorgeous.


MaryPoppins said...

Gorgeous and what a delight for the eyes whatever the lighting conditions, you are very very clever :):)

Thank you for your lovely and kind comments, I am sure whatever happens we shall be fine and hopefully there is enough love between us to keep our chins up and our Hearts merry :) Plus we need the money for one of your beautiful cuffs :)



jennyflower said...

Kilt-hanger? G-o-o-d, really like. A great way to shoe off the tiny piece of art. Your word play is fairly masterfull as well! Hope the valenburn goes well. xxx

Anonymous said...

Your work is Amazing !even in poor lighting .
I buy the heds peg and stands from America .They are really cheap just the postage cost is really high .Im glad you like them your comments mean a lot to me thanks Hun !
Love from sesga xx

Heather said...

Love your tweetheart bird and the kilt pin brooches. Everything you do looks so good - even in a poor light!

julie king said...

the red bird is so nice . . . something a bit different! i'm loving the last piece with all the circles!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I love your new pieces and your list of six! I'm off to enjoy number 4 on the list right now!!

Jacky said...

I just love it all Jackie... that tweetheart bird is just the cutest and the kilt pins...perfect!!! I could just see one adorning a lovely big woollen coat or clasping a gorgeous wrap. Your work is so inspiring and so wearable.
Love Northern Exposure too, think its those quirky characters, they all really appeal to me.

Caroline Inckle said...

Oo I love your little birds!
I made a couple recently for my two little ones, not half as spangly and sumptuous as your one but they loved them so I might have a go at some more.
I am totally with you on northern exposure, what a great show that was.
Bring it back!!!
Just to let you know, I have moved bloggy homes and I am now posting here at:
I'm feeling like the new woman on the street who doesn't yet know the neighbours!
So pop over for a virtual cup of tea anytime.


Lucy said...

Your work is certainly most beautiful!

Thanks for your comment at Box Elder; it was odd to re-read that post from two years back, interesting!

rivergardenstudio said...

I adore these kilt pins. Such lovely designs and colors. Thank you for sharing! Roxanne

karen said...

beautiful work as ever Jackie. And the answer to your question....Bolton.

Wabbit said...

I love all of the new work! The kilt pins are especially clever. I still can't get over Meryl Streep singing and dancing. Is there no end to what that woman can do well? Happy New Year, Jackie!!! HUGS!

'fancypicnic' said...

Glorious work, the postcard...and 'tweetheart'?? Brilliant!!

Mama Mia going on here, too - I was SO going to avoid it...but it's terrific!

Chris said...

I love, love, love, the coppery one!! All of your hearts are so lovely. What wonderful idea you have here.

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