Friday, 1 August 2008

Unlike Edith Piaf

I do have regrets.

Not serious ones but more 'What a daft thing to do..but move on' type of regrets.

2 years ago I sold this on ebay for a 'practice', 2 and a half metres of Heals fabric by designer Jyoti Bhomik that I found in a rag bag from someone who was having a chuck out>

How I wish I still had it.
Then I sold 2 of these on Ebay to make money..

They didn't make much.
More than I paid but not all that much. I'd bought them 5 years ago from the 50p box outside an antique shop...they weren't 50p and I had a bit of a 'do' with the owner who said they shouldn't have been in that box, and I ended up paying out £2.50 because I could see their potential.
And I really like them now.

Finally...on holiday on the (now) 'Mamma Mia' Island of Skopelos I bought this ring for a large amount of money (in my world anyway).

I saw it in the window surrounded by its beautiful companions..'Come in come in' the proprieter said. 'Try Try'

I said it was too expensive, she said 'I make you better price'.
I said 'Its too big for my small hands'

she said 'No I wear hands are small'

On our last evening having passed by many times, I went in determined to buy. 'Better price' was struck. Credit card was shown..distressed look on owners face. Visa charge so profits eroded even more...I should have stopped there, but no ..I remembered how difficult it had been to track down a ring I didn't buy on holiday before so I bought it.

As soon as I got home I realised what a mistake I'd made. It just doesn't suit my hands, my fingers had been hot and bigger in Greece so its actually too big, and as its Greek it doesn't have any hallmarks except 75% (which means its 18 carat gold) so I can't sell it.

I still think its beautiful but not on me.

Talking of beautiful I came across this on flickr. I'm in love. I urge you to have look through her photostream. I've never seen such fabulous cakes. Its a good job there's an ocean between us.

Not the best food for a type 2 diabetic. Another regret..and a warning: exercise more and eat less. (If you don't already)

I do now but its too late.

PS This post is not meant to be sad (See comments) just a list of lessons learnt! Thank you lovely daisie for your kind words.

Here's another blog link for you Kayla coo has been a flickr contact for a long time and now has a lovely blog and I am also indebted to Elaine at red thread studios who gave me a real boost on her blog recently, with this nice article.


Kayla coo said...

Perhaps you could put your ring on a chain and wear as a necklace.
It has a beautiful stone.

Daisie said...

Look forward, these things happened for a reason, life is too short for regrets!
My Mum always says' "If you never let go of the past, how will you ever have room for the future?"
Todays post has made me sad. Kayla coo's idea is a good one, it'd look lovely on a long chain or purple velvet ribbon.....

Miss Frugality said...

Wish I'd seen those plates with the hip,cool cats on.I'd have bid well over the odds!
I've 'passed on' various things over the past few years ,but never have a chance to regret because there's always something new and twinkly to catch my eye!
BTW-Many thanks for the mention the other day :-))

arlee said...

Nice writeup Blossom! And whatcha mean ya don't have that fabric???? You DO----with your own talent and design skills you should be making some pieces with those motifs and colours---they are SO you!!! :}

Jackie said...

good point Arlee..I think thats why I like it. Julia, Daisie and Kayla there are lots of other twinkly things in my life..

Mary said...

I love that ring! I think I would wear in on a chain too. Ya gotta wear it! It's too pretty to sit in a box.

Robyn said...

I agree...put the ring on a chain. It's so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Ye I agree with the above !

I have sold stuff on eBay far too cheap!
When I see something I want on eBay it goes for a really high price ,I'm not sure who is the winner with eBay!

You could definitely make the fabric using your amazing technique
Love from sesga xx

Gina said...

Can only agree ... with Kayla -wear your ring round your neck and with Arlee - make your fabric... but have no regrets! x

Victoria said...

We've all done it. I remember years ago participating in a group yard sale. For some insane reason I put up for sale a very cool charm bracelet that my aunt had given me as a kid, (but it wasn't a kid bracelet). It sold right away for a few measly bucks, and instantly I regretted parting with it. I still kick myself, wondering why I ever sold it, as I would cherish it now.

I like the idea of wearing the ring around your neck!

'fancypicnic' said...

Oooh!!! I need that cake!!! Yum, yum...

I've got to ditto the above - that ring is too gorgeous to be put away. I'll fight you for it...!

'fancypicnic' said...

Okay - I had to come back and leave another comment. Your flickriver photos! Absolutely beautiful - why haven't I found you before? (except yesterday in miss f's - I think - Shopping List Saturday list)
I'm off to flickr right now..

Hens teeth said...


Elliemac said...

OH MY GOD!! Sorry for the expression but I have just died and gone to Heaven and put on 5 pounds at the same time --- that cherry cake!!!!
About the regrets, I agree with Daisie - let it go. I have recently finished having hypnotherapy (I will confess all at a later date) and the guy I saw said you can not change the past but you can do something about the future.
Is there anyway the ring can be made smaller?

Annette said...

Regrets? Me too, loads!
I don't regret finding your blog though, great work and amazing pictures. Thank you.

silverpebble said...

I could send you a tutorial for using wirework to put your ring on a chain with a figure of 8 attachment, to which you could attach say an amethyst, a little iolite, a moonstone, a couple of little gold beads (I have some filligree ones that would be ideal)etc in a cluster above the ring to make a gorgeous pendant. I'd be happy to send you the beads and headpins as a pressie!

Ravenhill said...

The ring really is beautiful! Sad though isn't it when you buy something that you really like but doesn't work in reality? I bought a pair of shoes when on vacation in the US this spring. They seemed pretty good, maybe should have been a bit bigger but the next size was really too big. I got the worst blister and have decided never to buy another pair of shoes that isn't just right!

Your work is just incredible!!! I love seeing what you make. The combination of textures, colors and patterns really satisfy my hunger for beautiful and artistic textiles.

I can't eat sweets either... Have you noticed that you feel much better without them?!

Ahipara Girl said...

You always have interesting posts, even your 'booboo's' are interesting. I hate that, like when I give something away and then later wish I hadn't cause I find a new use for it; or when I don't follow that hunch and get something, then decide I do like it later but it's too late. Happens all the time to me. I have learned that if I love something I get it and if in doubt, sleep on it. I like the ring a lot, probably because it comes from somewhere quite exotic too. Adds to its allure. Your work pieces are all so delightful to look at. Your site is pure inspiration.

jude said...

well leraning is always good...this is what we do, eh?

LingoVise Says... said...

Back before I knew a whole lot about fabric...about 15 years ago... I *GAVE* away 10 YARDS of vintage Bark Cloth. The truly sad part is they were gorgeous designs like: Mambo, Counterpoint, Boomerang and Geometrics.

Yikes! I still regret that to this very day... especially with what barkcloth costs these days. Major Major bummer :(

Gigibird said...

I saw a ring once and it was so me and I knew I would never see anything like it again so .....I didn't buy it.

I do know what you mean about regretting things....letting stuff go and then wishing you hadn't but I have stopped beating myself up about it. Plus I kind of believe that when something goes something else has room to enter....well the theory anyway:)

Hélène H said...

I think regrets have something to do with clinging. Sometimes we are in a clinging mood for some reasons. Other times we are just happy to think about the happiness we certainly created in others when we let go of our precious treasures.

I cling to books. I know it would be so much better to give them away to somebody who will read them and enjoy them rather than store them in a dusty shelf, but I can't help it. I never sold anything on Ebay either.

I think you were so right to buy that ring - you might pass it on to your future daughter in law, or a niece or grandchild, who knows ?

alice c said...

There is only one answer - you must go back so that you can enjoy the ring in its natural environment. Remember - you would be doing it for The Ring.

Anonymous said...

Today I was hemming curtains my long time sweetie bought in London way before we were us and curiosity made me google the names printed on the selvage. Voila! There you were mourning the sale of a green version of our curtains! How pleased we are to discover that others love this stuff like we do.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.