Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ballyvaughan again..again.

Another year another trip to Ballyvaughan. Every year we find something different. This year it was The Burren Perfumery where the fragrances are subtle and the welcome warm.

Walks on beaches of course but this time a slightly different beach with inspiring flora.

While my husband had his concertina lessons my friend and I walked and explored.

 Walking down a lane we heard a piggy noise and came upon this not-pig eating hay very noisily!

At the end of the lane a tall tower with a mysterious interior glimpsed through a gap.

The view through the slit windows was of the sea..what else?

Look how the castle seems to grow out of the landscape.

 Then we found another little beach on a spit of land we had often seen from the harbour and didn't know we could walk on it. I found out its called Rine...not sure of the spelling.

 We took off our shoes and socks and had a paddle.

 Later in the week we drove to the town of Ennis and saw a textile exhibition at The Glor Centre. Here's a favourite little piece , you can't see the lovely pale duck egg blue fabric background.
The exhibition was small but lovely. There was a piece I couldn't photograph by my friend Breda McNeilis. We met later in the week in Galway and caught up in a super cafe called Ard Bia at Nimmos. Lots of lovely chatting and eating.

And all week I was working on this.

We enjoyed catching up with our friends and sharing their company in the bar in the evenings. 

Sadly we came home with flu. Yes I am certain it was flu and not just a cold. We were wiped out and are still not better 10 days later.
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