Saturday, 8 February 2014

felt and fibres and furry

Hetty before Thursday

 Hetty now. 

 Its like having a different dog. 
I know she's cute with long hair but something 'Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly happens when shes's had a trim. 

 I know Holly Golightly didn't have an orange beard but...

Can't you see her in a
diamond  tiara?
And just
 look at her little tootsies.

Well Ok ..I know not everyone is as besotted as I am. 

But who couldn't resist drooling at this?

 Wow!!! Imagine my delight and amazement to have received these wonderful fibres from Dale Rollerson of the Thread Studio in Perth, Australia.

 I can't wait to get using them. Gorgeous colours and if you could just feel them..they're so soft and delicious.

Now, the reason they arrived in my possession was that I sent a piece of work to Dale for an exhibition in a show in Summer.

Owing to postal delay it didn't arrive in time but Dale did a feature on me it the online magazine. Threads in Fusion.
She returned the piece and filled the bag with these amazing beauties. They are stunning and I'm so grateful.

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