Monday, 24 March 2014

Spring things

Its quite some time since I was here again! But here I am. 
Look at this I spotted on a walk the other day. What looked like an oil slick from a distance on the Lodge(Lake) in the park. When I got up close I found it was a whole lot of floating Hazel catkins all piled up at the edge.

The ducks weren't at all concerned and when I went for a closer look they were expecting food and came ploughing through it.

I've been very busy for the last two months doing my online course. What a lot of fun I've had. I'm sure my lovely ladies won't mind me sharing the two pieces I worked on with you.
First we made a flat piece of felt 

 and stitched it
 and stitched it
 and stitched it
 and stitched it some more.

 Then I made a piece using pre-felts..

and stitched it

 and stitched it

 and stitched it some more

 Haha! The last video is going to be made tomorrow and I'm feeling quite sad thats its over. Its been fun.

 Today was lovely bright and sunny and I took some pictures of some bright and sunny brooches I made at the weekend. I put them in my Etsy shop

I've sold four already!

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