Friday, 19 July 2013

Lovely days

The exhibition is UP!
What better excuse than having to be in Keswick at 9.30 am is there to have  an overnight stay with a friend and fellow group member? Here we are having our breakfast tea and coffee in the scorching sunshine outside The Lodge in the Vale , Thirlmere. A lovely place to stay.

 Lovely views across,

 in either direction

 We'd had a great day getting up there with a lunch at 'Lakeland' in Windermere and a stroll by the lake and a walk round town. That night we ate at The Kings Head nearby, went see 'An Inspector Calls' at the theatre by the Lake, and came out at 10.30 in the evening to the most incredible sunset.
Next morning we met the rest of the group at The Theatre by the Lake and the exhibition was put up by their fantastic technician.
This is my bit,

 these are prints by Gill Yates with minimal stitching.

 These are felts based on her garden by Margaret Kay,

A variety of techniques by Brenda Burkitt 
 Screen prints with layers of fabric and stitch by Elizabeth Rayton, so beautiful.

 Lovely silk painted embroidered pieces by Mary Holden.

 Mine again.


 One of our members with her husband picnicking under the trees.
 Just a short step down the road is the Lake Edge.

 It was such a lovey day. People were milling about and the launch was full.
 I found myself fascinated by the shadows of the eaves in patches of sunlight on the ground.
 It made me wonder why I hadn't looked at this before.
 Then I remembered. 
Its been years since we had sun to create the shadows.

We walked to Friars Crag, 

 More pictures followed..cropped greatly to hide large middle.

 More shadows, more meals out and a slow slow winding journey home.

Today has been my birthday . We went to a funeral. Sad but necessary.
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