Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Still Learning: before and after the workshop.

As regular readers may know, I'm working towards an exhibition with the group I'm in. I've known about it for two years but of course am now rushing to get everything made and finished on time. Here's the latest.
 Its a little smaller than the last few things I've shown. My plan is to have 4pieces mounted on 20 inch square mounts, and four smaller mounted on 16 inch mounts.

 This piece of felt was a bit disappointing when it was just felt but I think the stitching has tied it together OK. I especially like the sun-like shape below.

Last Saturday I set off with all my wool and my friend Margaret, to a workshop run by the International Feltmakers Association in Frodsham. The teacher was Chris Lines. She traveled all the way from the Isle of Wight to be with us and her felt was superb. I remembered the above (as yet unstitched ) piece and felt I had a lot to learn!
And learn I did. Chris is a brilliant teacher and she was very generous with her techniques. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day. The company was great I met lots of new people, there was a lovely atmosphere and how lucky we were that the Frodsham Community Choir were making heavenly sounds in the next room.

So, when Monday came around I set to work and using some of the techniques I'd learned I produced five more pieces of felt for stitching. 

 I wish I could make felt for its own sake but I do love to add the stitching. The felt acts as a 'painted' background and the stitches give it added depth and bring out the texture. Much like quilting I suppose.

 This pale one was the first one I made and perhaps it needs quite a lot more stitching than the others as its so light, but using Chris's technique of complex layered pre felts I achieved the 'edges ' as the underneath layer of the pre-felt is squashed into the background piece.

 Back to stitching. Whats not to like? I like the doing it, I like the texture, I like the look of it , I like the feel of it and I love what it does to a piece of felt.
Number one of five..stitched.

 A darker picture


 More details

Sorry am I boring you with details?

 I laid it on a piece of calico  because thats the colour of the background it will be on.

 And so will this.

 Just another quick detail..


I'm on a roll...I did two more neck aches.
Such fun!
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