Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Little pieces

I made this large piece two years ago.  
 It had lovely areas of overlapping colours and I knew I wanted to stitch it. 
But its too large a piece with too many similar sized areas for an overall design.
I've been looking at it for ages wondering what to do with it. So I cut a little square off it and set to work.
Perhaps theres a bit too much stitching..but still...its only a start.
 I like the details.
The colours speak to me of my childhood home. 1950s colours.
So after the first one I tried another.
Just four inches square.
I like this better.

I left more empty space where the 'joy' of the woolly combinations  is visible.

I have a lot more squares cut ready to sew. A close up shows why I love felt.

Here are two I did a couple of weeks ago,

Sorry the details are the wrong way up.

Each of these pieces is about 4 inches square. 

My mood is much better this week. Thank you for all your comments. It wasn't the hot weather making me low, I love it these days, (but not too hot)  Its just because my husband is working away a lot for all the summer so we can't go and paddle in the sea. When the weather is lovely it just underlines it.

My finger is still sore..arthritis. Old age.

Anyway ....this coming weekend , for the very last time ....


Millbarn, Goosefoot Close, Samlesbury Bottoms, Saturday and Sunday. 

Its a super garden with artists and crafts people, refreshments, the river, and I've been having a stand there almost from the start about 10 years ago. It will be sad not to go again. Its been fantastic. Lets hope for good weather .
Its your LAST CHANCE to attend!

So I've been quite busy getting ready for that, but not as busy as I should have been. 

Our embroidery group who meet in the studio at Millbarn, are having an exhibition in four and a half weeks and my pieces are not yet made. I have one or two things available but in the absence of a theme I can't really decide what to exhibit. I certainly have to make at least two more. I should be in  a panic but I'm not. 
I will be in two weeks when nothing has changed....

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