Friday, 21 June 2013

End of an Era

 For the last time I trawled my wares to Millbarn, Samlesbury Bottoms, for Art and Garden
It was the last one sadly, and I've done every one.12 or 13 I can't remember.

 I've posted about it before. Its a beautiful event. Artists and crafts people selling in a beautiful garden by the River Darwen, with Follies and flowerbeds.

 I set up in the usual place.

 Next to the refreshments!

 Opposite Diana and Joanne

 I had my friend with me this year. For the most part extremely well behaved.

 Can you see her little friend Missy behind the plantpots?

 There she is with her 'Auntie'

 I tied Hetty up and she was the cause of much oohing and aahing.

 These dear sweet little sisters used her to help them over their fear of 'Barky' dogs. (although she did make them jump when Mika trotted past , the organisers little cute westie) Almost every bit of her was examined by them...even the insides of her ears. The notepad was used to make a superbly observed drawing of her.

 So here are some views around the event at the end of the second day, not the best time for photos as people were packing up. (I hope it wasn't you Shan who asked me not to put you on the blog. I've left the person I thought it was, off .)

 Tea on the lawn.

 Down the tunnels.

 To the back of the house.

 To the big tent.

 The roof of the 'temple'

 The summer house.

 The pond and the river.

 The nurseryman packing up.

 The refreshment centre...they did work hard. Again.

 A new flowerbed.


More pictures here


Magic Bean said...

It looks amazing. My favourite photo is the first one! Your gorgeous stitchiness just looks fabulous. Sorry it is all over. Ax

Carol Q said...

looks like a wonderful place to go, let along present your wares Jackie. who is the lady who makes the fabulous cloth dolls??

jinxxxygirl said...

So sad its your last time... :( You know that lady with the dolls didn't look too happy you took her picture...maybe it was her you were supposed to not post on blog?? lol! So glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing!! Hugs! deb

Rachel said...

So sorry to hear it was the last - I hope that at least it was a successful event for everyone!

Heather said...

Sad that you won't be going there again. It is such a beautiful setting and the garden is gorgeous. I'm sure Hetty was much admired along with all your wonderful work - hope you had lots of lovely customers.

FeltersJourney said...

It looks like a lovely event - and in such beautiful surroundings! It looks a very tranquil place.

Terri said...

What a beautiful venue. I'd go to that show. Why are they closing it?

Julie said...

What a truly beautiful venue, shame it's not continuing. Lots of very talented craftspeople there.

Maggi said...

Very sad as I'm sure it will be missed by many people. Thank you for your lovely photos. And what a good girl Hetty was showing the children that there is no need to be afraid of barky dogs.

Anna said...

It looks a lovely venue, shame it was the last time.

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