Saturday, 22 June 2013

Adventures in Embroidery

Here is the reason I was making little pieces of embroidery.
Fear of failing in felt.  I have a number of pieces of felt made specifically to embroider for our upcoming exhibition.
This..before I embroidered one of them.
I was terrified to make a start and ruin it.
But over the last few days, instead of standing over it and wringing my hands I got to work.
I started with machine embroidery and have spent many hours on it doing hand stitch.
I will just say this..overall I'm pleased with the outcome. 
I wish I'd left enough time to 'design' but as everything, the exhibition has been a 'distant elephant'. Very small from a long way off but large and scary as it gets close..and its close. 
And I have more pieces to do. 
Although I think this is finished now, its just a start. 
Enjoy the pictures.

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