Friday, 13 January 2012

Sunshine and Schnauzers

Writing this blog has made me many friends all over the world. Its amazing to think of someone in other parts of Britain and Europe, Japan, Australia, North and South America, Europe  or South Africa reading what I've written and looking at pictures of my world when theirs is so different. 
Even better when a bit of 'their' world appears in mine. 
This is what happened recently when Elizabeth Armstrong, feltmaker, teacher, and wool dyer extraordinaire, sent me some of her hand dyed wool for feltmaking.
Wasn't that lovely of her? Thank you Elizabeth. It arrived a while ago and I took it the felt group today. It was like a bit of Australian sunshine lighting up the dreary grey of Lancashire! 

 There was a lovely pink and orange combination too. It reminded me of 'fruit salad' chews we had as children. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it.
I laid out the wool and its even nicer when the colours blend together.
It produced a grogeous piece of felt ready to be made into some luscious brooches..perhaps hearts for Valentine's Day.
I have the velvet exactly to match it.

Thanks for all your comments about my last post . My piece is still on ebay with 47 know who you are! 11 bids and a reasonable total so far. Someone asked me today how much I'd like to get for it. 
£10,000 of course..I replied.
But I am realistic. I'm hoping all those watchers will swoop in with high bids at the end, but then two of my friends have bid and I don't want to upset them either! Ooooh...I'll never make a good businesswoman will I?

Do you remember this little moppy puppy?
 With hair all over her face?
 Well Ta daaaaa! 
 She's been for a haircut. We love her all over again in a different way. Her fur is so soft and smooth. She looks so grown up. We can see her eyes.

She's a little Princess.
Mind you ..her behaviour reminds me of the Princess and the Pee...(Yes I meant that)

Time for a diamante collar I think!

(Or perhaps a Harris Tweed coat?)

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