Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year Old Piece

Happy New Year.
There are no resolutions on this blog.
I've taken my time to get my first post of 2012 off the ground haven't I?
The truth is I've been a slob. Just playing Tetris battle and eating Christmas Cake and chocolate orange.
Not the healthy lifestyle for Olympic Year I'd hoped for.
When I took the decorations down yesterday I felt all energised and did quite a bit of cleaning and tidying.
I came across this piece, which was made for the 'Anthology' exhibition but never exhibited, mainly because I didn't get a frame or canvas for it.
Its been seen here before I think.
So I decided to have a bit of fun with it and I've listed it on Ebay. Yes Ebay.
Now, I have sold other stuff on Ebay but never a piece of my work and I thought it would be interesting to watch what happens.

 I love the colours of this piece, and the texture is very seductive too. 
 Yes there are bees. Can you hear them?
I love the colours too, and enjoyed the handstitching.
Ebay is such an unknown quantity isn't it so I will enjoy seeing what happens. It may go for a fiver! Or it may not get a single bid. 
If its a success I may put its predecessor up there too.
 A smaller, but more textured piece where I'd stitched motifs onto a background but then cut them out and transferred them.

I rather like this piece but it isn't mounted or framed.
Ooh I love a good bidding war..lets hope it isn't completely ignored over there. If you want to watch it go to ebay.
I've just been..its had two views! (Probably me)

Meanwhile a modicum of inter species harmony has broken out at the dogdaisy house. Its a little strained as Hetty get jittery when she is in the vicinity of Jools and stays on alert.

 But what better way to surf the net or play scrabble or Tetris battle (addicted) than between two little furry heads.
Yes that is my stomach at the bottom of the shot. I was on widescreen what do you expect?

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