Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hetty's first post.


My Mums been really busy, running up and down stairs, making a racket with her machine on the table upstairs .
First she made some hearts and she sent them to Munich.
 The order was for 'quieter colours' 

I heard her muttering something about it being too dark to take pictures.

Then she was asked to make some more pendants and these were what she came up with.
There was a lot more running up and downstairs with that thing she's always pointing at me  and I can tell you, its a lot easier now I've learnt to come down one step at a time. 
I can follow her and if she's a bit slow I can nip her heels.
(She gets a bit cross if I do that)

Then someone asked her to make some purple pieces like her 'Noon a Purple Glow' piece.
 (I don't know anything about that because I've only been here for three months)
 So she made these brooches.

She was grumbling again about the photos.

She's done a lot in that sewing room.....and I've helped.
Its a lot of work keeping my patch like this. 
But someone's got to do it.
Those things won't chew themselves you know.

Oh..........................she says to tell you she'll be here on saturday and she's taking all her ETSY stuff with her so she's shutting up shop for the day.

I wonder where I'll be.....?
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