Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Eat your heart out Kirstie Allsop! Its Jackie's home made christmas. Well...a wreath anyway. A nice slender non- plastic wreath made from a piece of Russian Vine and various bits of greenery.
OK OK the apples and the gold leaves are some sort of plastic but the rest... well... its natural.
I love it. 
Even the lavendar bush has had a touch of glam for the festive season.
So my front door looks very Christmassy and might detract from the awful state of the garden!
And inside? well Hetty and I have been busy...
Can you guess what we've been a doing of?
Making snowflakes.

I just got the urge..
And these are genuine 6 sided snowflakes..not just easy 8 fold paper shapes as seen around t'inter web.
I always insisted when we made these at school that they were authentically 6 sided.
I really enjoyed making these. And then.....and then......I did what every 'cute-dog-owning-person should do.

I got out the treats and struggled..

and struggled
till I got Hetty as an Angel!
The following pictures tell the story.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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