Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Fair play

Just popping in at this busy time to report on goings on and to thank everyone for their lovely comments from last time. Hetty appreciated them very much but is resting now after the exertion of her first walk. There were many monsters to be afraid of on the main road with headlights on, so she had to stop. Then I trod on her foot when she got beneath it in the darkness and there just happened to be some builders outside a house who said she sounded like a smoke alarm.
Very accurate.
Anyway last Saturday I did a craft Fair in Manchester and it was very nice indeed.

 When I was getting ready I popped into the back bedroom to get the shelves I usually take and spotted the old wooden towel rack. It was much better than the shelves for hanging the brooches on and I think they looked rather good together. Now I must find a suitable solution for all the other  jumble sale-y bits.
 Its strange that I sold all my 'Tweets' last time I did this event, and this time I didn't sell one...well, I gave one away to the delightful Charlotte who was about to buy one,who had the stall next to me and was a delightful companion asking me if I needed a drink or lunch as I was on my own and she had company.
Anyway they may not have sold but they looked lovely on the tree.
I sold only brooches and Harris Tweed purses.
Isn't that strange? 
I love making the brooches best so I am envisaging an ONLY brooches stall next time!!!
Ah well. These things are so unfathomable and there's etsy when I get round to it...probably too late for Christmas.
Today I cleaned and tidied and ironed.
Tomorrow I am going Christmas shopping.

I must just mention our recent Monday night activity.
Well of course, I can't sing...well...I can sing and its not nice, but I do so enjoy it; so when a few weeks ago..actually it was quite a few weeks ago...we were invited to practise with a group of people from the next village who wanted to get a carol singing session going in the local pub I was a bit unsure. Its by no means a choir, but is in the spirit of the Carol Singing Pubs around Sheffield.
See video of the Sheffield singers...NOT US!! and many more.

Anyway thats what we've been doing every Monday since Mid November and it turned out to be in our local pub as the one in Wheelton closed down in the nick of time very sadly, and now instead of driving to the next village we walk two minutes down the road to The Oak Tree Brinscall.
So, if anyone who reads this wants to come and join in..words provided, come to the Oak Tree next Monday night at 8.30 for the last session. Its should be a good one and if you come too it would be better.

My favourite one is Sweet Christmas Bells. Here is the Kate Rusby version.

We practised way back in September and then when we went to Greece after that, I was swimming in the sea singing away to myself  'Sweet Bells..sweet chiming Christmas bells...' whilst doing a bit of backstroke like a single synchronised swimmer in 30 degrees of heat.

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