Thursday, 6 August 2009

Cause and effect

My two best friends took me for lunch for my birthday(belated)
This is a 'trio of puddings'.
Yes you've seen them before, maybe a different selection. This was a Manchester Tart (!) a Vanilla Creme Brulee and a meringue with mango passion fruit and pineapple. And, of course, cream. All smaller versions of the single option.
This is 'Cause'.
'Effect' is that I got on the health centre scales today and after I had discovered that they weigh HALF A STONE heavier than mine at home, and the doctors scales must be correct, the TRUTH has made me very sad.

Nothing much else to report except a bit of sewing of a 'custom made' item.

I had no end of difficulty with it and had to do a complete re make but I think its turned out quite well.

Someone has stolen my idea..
I thought it might be a good idea to start a business called 'The Last post'.
In the event of a bloggers demise how would the readers know what had happened if all the bloggers other halves were like mine and wouldn't have the first idea how to blog my departure?
Everyone interested could pay a small fee and send me their passwords in a sealed envelope with their last blog post in it and when I got the nod I'd type and publish it.
I don't suppose I would ever have done it.
Anyway someone has beaten me to it.

Is it tomorrow that the date and time read 123456789?
at 12.34 and 56 seconds on the 7th of the 8th 09?
If you are an American this will already have happened in July because of the way you read the date.
I am tempted to schedule this post to be published at 12.34.56 7.8.09.
but I won't.

I was tagged by Red Bamboo.
One lovely blog award. Thank you.

To start with, I am passing it to beena from bbbs quilt designs.

I nominate anyone else to take it up who reads my blog. Choose 15 other lovely blogs and link to them. There are so many. Every day I find more to read and more guilt about not commenting back on more and more great blogs.
I'm going to stop worrying about it.
I really hope you don't mind if i don't get round to it.
Thank you for reading this non-crafty non-sewing non-interesting disjointed blog post.
Thank you everyone who comments.
I can't reply unless you add your e mail to your profile.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wouldn't you think the health centre scales are correct?? And you DO weight half a stone lighter than you thought you did?? I bet that's the case!

Either way, Vanilla Creme Brulee is worth it!

And really, I think my last post would be rather like Porky Pig's.... abeeaibbeeduhbeebee....That's All Folks!

Beena said...

Oh! What yummy treats! I would gobble them up, and not even blink if I gained a pound because of it! I would be happy, and probably go back for more! As long as my baggy clothes still fit afterwards,I'm sure I'd just say" who cares" to some number on a scale?!!! (laughing)!

Interesting idea about leaving a last post, and last e-mails. I will probably just type up some letters and stick them in a safe deposit box, and mention it in a will.

Congrats on your award. I may take you up on the nomination!

Jo Hopwood said...

Scales lie. Looking at those cakes there seems to be fruit (one of your five a day!), dairy (calcium is very important) and I bet you had tea too - antioxidants in tea, very good for you!

maggik1 said...

Tell me you didn't eat all three of those scrumptious desserts??? How do you know which scales are right anyway? I have nominated you for a Blog Award from Dorset Cereals? Check it out?

Threadspider said...

First off, I am going to ignore the whole scales thing if it makes you unhappy. So moving swiftly along, I have to say that your blog is looking very fine at the moment. I love the click on mosaic,the tutorial, the way you link to your other web outlets. And I love the bag.

Heather said...

I don't want to hear about scales, none of them is kind!! Just looking at those desserts makes you put on a couple of pounds and learning of your weight in kilos makes it sound even worse. I rely on my youngest daughter to sort me out on this laptop when things go
wrong so I'm sure she will inform blogland when I have posted my last post. I love the bag - everything you make is beautiful. I daren't find any more lovely blogs to visit - I spend far too much time doing that as it is.

Julie said...

It's a very interesting post Jackie and I enjoyed the gorgeous yummy cakes. Don't be sad :)

Karen said...

had a look at the link and i can't see anything about bloggers. Yours could be exclusively for creative bloggers, I would be happy to be your first customer. (not in the dead sense!! I mean in the signing up for it sense!!)
My application is in...I wait....

Karen said...

for sparkle, not dead bloggers!!

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Hello Jackie,
So many blogs out there all so wonderful.
I could eat loads of cakes at the moment just to cheer myself up.
So fed up with the lousy weather!

Sue said...

I am feeling the same after catching sight of myself in our mirror sideways on. Ye gads.

menopausalmusing said...

Right.........stop this negativity RIGHT NOW!!!!!! .......... You were the first person to welcome me to Blogland......... You are my MENTOR!(I would say that Lady Hopwood has a rather healthy outlook on life.:O) )x

Christine said...

But at the doctor's, they weigh you with clothes (and sometimes shoes) on, which adds a few pounds. That's always my answer anyway. And those gorgeous puddings couldn't be worth half a stone - everybody knows that there are no calories in special occasion food!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Congrats on receiving the award, Jackie.

Those desserts, I could eat them all, how could you be expected to resist (tell that to the Doc) especially when celebrating your birthday, even belated.

Like the bag v much. Lesley

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

They are two very good friends! I feel your pain about weight - I've had to be more careful about what I eat, too. I try to eat more salad and less junk so that I can enjoy those fun lunches with friends. Life's too short and when you're gone you're gone. Will it really matter if you had those yummy treats and gained a pound? nope. I had an uncle who ate salad every day and walked 6 miles every day. He died young and suddenly of cancer. I'm more careful, I try to make better choices with my meals, but I wont pass on the yummy stuff - especially when out with friends.

And I Love the custom made item.


Hi Jackie, just saying "hello"

I've been thinking more and more about what happens to the enormous stash of sewing goodies than the last post after my departure!

Hope you have a good weekend coming up!


Jackie Kirner said...

Hi Jackie - Happy belated birthday. You have impeccable taste in tasty puddings.
I'm also dismayed at a scale reading recently - also a half stone off. (but I think the scale was in a bit of a snit 'coz I'd been avoiding it lately and it retaliated with an awful reading...) Anyhoo - glad you got to enjoy a lunch with good friends and interesting travels recently!

hens teeth said...

There isn't a pair of bathroom scales out there, that ever reads BELOW the scales you have at home...don't know why, that's just how it is!
I agree with Mary. x

silverpebble said...

Now, remove that top picture in your mind's eye. That's it, gone. Now your life is a little less cheery, but you made the scales happy. THROW THEM AWAY!!!!!

Digitalgran said...

A very interesting post Jackie and I just love your bag.
I've often wondered how all my online friends would know if something happened to me. They would probably just think I'm fed up with blogging :)

Raggy Rat said...

the last post, thats kind of sweet ...

as is creme brullee !

no word on nominations yet .... mind you i have had awful tinternet problems, firt time i have uploaded photos today !

purplesusie said...

Hi, have been reading your blog for a while and decided it was time to leave a are very inspirational and cheerful,I would ignore the scales and if your clothes still fit without buttons pinging off in all directions it can't be that bad!! Load an audio book on an ipod and walk,walk,walk. I love the bag,I love Harris Tweed and one day when the internal boiler goes out will be able to wear it again ;-))

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

I want to go on record as being highly in favor of MORE CAUSE! LESS EFFECT!
Your Last Post is brilliant...the Master is completely clueless!

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.