Sunday, 9 August 2009

Blowing away the cobwebs.

My goodness I've subjected you to an awful a lot of metaphorical navel gazing lately.
So sorry . Here's a bit of sunshine.
I am always amazed at new colour combinations that just seem to happen.
Lime and scarlet make this circle sing.

A long time ago when I was Vice chairman of Preston Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild we were contacted by the relatives of a deceased member and asked to empty out her 'stash' .She had been a teacher and a prolific embroiderer and the stash was immense. We were to remove it, sell it and use the proceeds towards the 'International centre for Embroidery' . This was a great idea but the Embroiderers' Guild bungled the attempt to build ICE . I'll say no more on that.
Sadly also, there was so much stuff that while we did raise quite a considerable amount of money there were a lot of things left.
Now I get to this tin, which was one of her little bits that I bought.

Inside we these tiny beads. Obviously much treasured and prized by her, but never used.

I have been treasuring them too, but have decided to use things.

I have had a big clear out of stuff I will never use and installed an extra surface.
Now I have a place to cut and iron.

A whole new table on which to embellish. (I used to have to put my sewing machine on the floor and pick up the embellisher.)

That big empty pin board is going to have a coat of paint..if I can get it on before it gets filled.
My sewing machine is no longer surrounded by jars of dubious liquids and rusty brushes.

But my shelves are such a mess. The one with the stuff I need the least has been covered with this UFO.
You didn't know I was a patchworker once did you?

Unfortunately my most used shelf is a terrible mess.
My threads are in the drawers and the plastic bags hold velvet, silk and chiffon in almost daily use so I don't want to cover them up.

But what do you do with the products of workshops and classes?

Have you seen 'Field of dreams'?
'If you build it they will come'?
Well, I can tell you that if you stand an empty set of shelves over your work area it will be filled in an instant .
This believe it or not is after a makeover. It was in serious danger of a topple-over prior to this.

Perhaps its as well that its a bit of a blurry picture.

I seem to have bag and basket overload..these are all to do with felt and are the tip of the iceberg.
At the extreme right of the above picture is a hard cover for a Bernina 1008 or 1000 ,which has never been used. If anyone wants to make me an offer.....
(I paid £50 about 10 years ago.)
I have two new little cupboards now full of Harris Tweeds .
A great idea I thought...

...but I wanted to try my felt on a piece and of course have had to pull it all out all over the floor.

I really MUST keep the floor clear.
Thats the killer of creativity..a floor you can't get across. dear wonderful lamp has died. There are no 'ways in' to try and fix it.
Its the best lamp I have ever had. I have been trying to find another for years with no luck.

It has a double length arm and stretches a long way, and when the table is covered in fabric and thread and other stuff, its so useful to have a switch on the business end.

Do you know where I can get another?


Chris Daly said...

Hi Jackie, It looks like you are having a great go at cleaning out your place. I love seeing my sewing machine twin at your house. My hard case doesn't see much use either. lol. I just bought these wonderful plastic bins from the discount store ($10.00 US). They are roll away carts with 3 small drawers and the fit under my work tables. I've had a good sort out and now have my fabrics, dyes and velvets in each of their own places. I'll have to take some pictures and share soon.

hens teeth said...

Hello my lovely. Lovin' the velvety combo....gorgeous as ever.
What a headache storage want it to look good but practical at the same time. We could all do with huge supermarket sized studios where you could lay everything out on the floor for easy choosing! x

arlee said...

And here i thought you would have a lovely neat sorted workspace :} Definitely invest in a couple of those wheeled plastic drawer towers---they come in various sizes, heights and drawer capacities--and they're easy to tuck under things or move to where you are working, a life and floor saver :}

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

Mess is the mother of Creativity - so glad somebody else's space looks like that, I thought it was just me!!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

For me the "killer of creativity" is a messy table. Either the big octagonal table in my office, or even the dining room table. If those are messy and cluttered, I simply cannot think. I'm sure that says something important about my psyche, but I can't be bothered with what!

Love the lime and scarlet!

Jan said...

I love the new scarlet and lime piece. Very striking.

Funny how us messy types love to see other people's messes, makes us feel part of a group or something. Just goes to show that you are using your stuff. Why store it away out of sight if you are going to need it right away?

silverpebble said...

What a fabulous patchwork. It's great to look back at older work isn't it? It sometimes triggers new ideas.

YOu're doing a great job with that clear out. It's great to see where you work.

Heather said...

You've had a super clearout but I shouldn't bother to paint your board - it'll be hidden under all your inspirational pictures! I haven't seen a lamp quite like yours and wouldn't know where to find another. Do you know it's name and serial number - would it be any good trying on Google?

connie said...

You have gathered as much stuff as I have. However I think it makes us more creative. Your new broach is lovely. Have fun reworking your space. I am heading down to do a bit of the same. I posted photos of my studio a few days ago. Must be the season. :-)

Gina said...

Your workroom looks so familiar... the piles of fabrics, the stacked shelves... Love the lime & scarlet combo!

lilylovekin said...

Thanks for the inspiration. My studio is a mess and it stops me cold when I go to create. Maybe I'll take some time to clean it up. I love the color combo of the new piece.

Julie said...

I made a good start on sorting out my studio and then got distracted and it's as bad as ever. I just blame the creative psyche. Sorry I can't help with the lamp.

Katie-Rose said...

I'm trying to get all my craft stuff sorted and organsied, so that I'll be able to find everything!
You've done a great job here!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm afraid I can't help you with your lamp search, but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the glimpse into your studio and also the lime & scarlet combo...yum.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

I so love your new spacious counters....I have one work surface which (despite vowing NEVER to clutter!) always ends up so full of stuff that I have to clear a path to do anything! Fortunately, there's a tiny shelf for the sewing machine under the bookcase!

Beena said...

I love your lime and scarlet sunshine piece! Very uplifting!

I laugh at your description of things at times, such as metaphoric navel gazing!!! That is hilarious!!!! I may have to use that as an answer the next time someone asks me what I've been up to!!

Although getting organized and cleaned up is always such a major project, it is always worth it when you have a delightful spacious work area. I need to get busy doing this, too.

A time to dance said...

I need a clear out Jackie...this morning we are painting the dining room...I have been trying desperately to do a post but blogger wont up load my holiday pics! I love the colour combination of the sun...beautiful...talking of colour I have yet to tell of my disaster and the trears that i recently favourite Jackir heart ended up in the washer by mistake on my new white shirt!...the tears were not for the shirt I might H

maggik1 said...

Hey, it's looking good! I'll make you feel a lot better and post photos of my 'creative space' - you'd have to be a contortionist to get to it. But what hasn't a home at the end of it all will have to go. See you tomorrow?

Robin Mac said...

Hi Jackie, I love your attempt at clearing up and sorting out. I have got to the point where there is not enough room on my painting/cutting table to continue working sooooooo... I shall be joining the cleanup! Trouble is, I make a mess again almost immediately. I love finding stuff which I had lost or forgotten about in the process. Gorgeous colours in your latest brooch. cheers,Robin

Victoria said...

Scarlet and lime... lushoius combination.

As for your studio space... I can not tell you how wonderful it is to see a studio space like this! Over here in the States we have a lot of magazines all focused on the perfect studio space, and frankly, (as much as I would love to have a gorgeous space to work in and am happy for those who do) I am growing weary of seeing these spotless and perfectly organized work spaces that other artists have... makes me feel a wee bit insecure!

Victoria said...


I meant "luscious" of course!

Elizabeth said...

Hej Jackie,

It's not easy to keep stuff in order when creating because the only thing you want is to create, not to watch your step. Good luck with the organizing and thank you for your very nice comment. Just read it after finishing a long holidayperiod.

See you.

menopausalmusing said...

That room of yours looks an awful lot like mine! Unbelievably so........ x

Anonymous said...

Love the brooch lovely colour combo ! and the commission on other post is beautiful.
I like your working space , you see some sewing dens were everything is so neat and far too perfect almost to perfect to work in .i think yours is fab !
my space looks tidy but when you go in to any cupboard or drawer its soooooooooooo untidy and chaotic .A bit like me lol!
love from sesga xxx

purplesusie said...

Hi Jackie, makes me feel like tidying as well,(just to find out what i have got in various boxes,bags etc)but i will sit down and have a cup of earl grey til the feeling passes ;-)) thank you for your comment.
Love the lime green and red combo

beadbabe49 said...

This is the closest I could does seem to have the on switch on the head not the base...

Raggy Rat said...

wow some good organising work going on and another feast for the eyes - have that cerial company got back to oyu about nominating? grrr if not coz i heared nothing, mind you i have had connction issues ...

my blog seems to have lost ots commenters so i must have gone badly wrong somewhere and bored them all to tears!

cat xxx

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