Thursday, 9 April 2009

Time and Weight

Since 30th March when I overindulged on cheese and potato pie with a pastry crust followed by sticky toffee pudding and felt horrible, I have been eating 'healthy'.
(There was a reason for the pie..a request from my friend for her birthday..she wanted 'plain')
But since then, neither a speck of chocolate, nor a grating of cheese, has passed my lips.
Not much wine except one glass on Saturday and three glasses on Sunday has been taken.
I have eaten a mountain of raw veg with less than a molehill of Houmus and Pitta ...
MINI pitta that is.
BROWN mini pitta
Kept other bread to an absolute minimum.
Much fish has been consumed, as well as small amounts of brown rice, wholemeal pasta, chicken
and glasses of water to bridge the gaps.
I have walked quite a lot.


I know its only 9 days but I haven't lost an ounce. I get on the scales every morning but there it is ********and a half stone. I won't tell you what the ******** is, its too embarrassing.
On Wednesday we went out to celebrate number two sons birthday.
I ate a pizza, a starter of some small fowl on lettuce , one or two bits of bread sticks, and one small glass of house red.No pudding.
I weighed myself the next morning and ........I PUT ON THREE POUNDS.
Is that fair?

Here is number two son last Wednesday, his 24th Birthday, on the steps outside his flat in Manchester. (Just out of interest to any Mrs Gaskell fans, her house is next door)

I had a maudlin session looking through old photos

and listening to this.

I got a bit weepy.
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