Monday, 6 April 2009

Felt like spring.

While blogs everywhere celebrate Spring and show gardens bursting with life, I reflect on the terrible state of my own garden.
The problems are clay, height above sea level, wind, and shade.
And the greatest of these is Shade.
But shade can have its compensations.
You have to look hard but your efforts will be rewarded.

Strange how these two little gems are in opposite complementary colours.

I take no credit for the celandine, they arrived on their own.
The violets were planted by me but have spread like wildfire.
I planted these gorgeous, precious, special snakeshead fritillaries but even though I planted them they have thrived/thriven/throve and come up multiplied each year.

Shade also has its villains.
We will draw a veil over these and their naked brethren for now.

I've been working on my felt. This little piece is a side issue.. made possible by the use of the embellisher.

I made a long strip of multicoloured nuno felt on slate blue cotton gauze
Then cut it up to construct a background and added other bits of felt using the embellisher.

I drew deatil from the back with the embellisher too,

and did a bit of handstitch .

I love the way the colours of the wool come through the gauze and change slightly.
Violet and celandine and fritillary colours, coincidentally.
I may wet felt this again to finish it off.

Now go straight from here to visit my new love, Bob T Bear Esq and his friend..sorry fwend, Dilly.
They'll make you smile.
Really they will.
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