Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Northwest Regional Day

Saturday was the North West Regional Day of the the Embroiderers' Guild at the Rheged Centre near Penrith.
I had a good day. I actually managed to remember it for a start.
(Last year I was still in bed when the phone rang to tell me the coach was waiting for me at the motorway services about 8 miles away. This would not have been quite so bad had I not been the one insisting that the coach call in at the motorway services to pick me up)

I met Maggie Grey again and really enjoyed her talk on Celtic Inspirations, in which she showed one of my pieces.
Then, I won second prize in the coats anchor competition with this piece, which you saw last year.
(The top picture is truer in colour to the original)

Here's the whole thing.

I managed not to offend anyone (I think).
Although I was a bit tactless at one point.

I got to actually hold a lovely piece made by Purple Missus, and saw some dead catalogue art too!

Now when I tagged a few bloggers the other week I certainly didn't expect this!
Edit: its fun do go and look. (I wasn't shocked Cathy!)

Do you have stat counter? Its very interesting and my favourite bit is 'came from' which shows you where readers have ..well you guessed it..come from. Its so lovely to find links to your blog and I am humbled by some of them.
People I don't know linking others to my blog.
Thank you .
Yesterday I discovered a lot of visitors from katafoltok I have popped in quite a few times but unfortunately I don't understand the language of the blog. I do understand that she has made some beautiful cuffs in velvet. I did a 'translate' but it only gave me a very rough idea of the meaning. For example, do you know what a 'vernal quiltnet' is?
I thought not.
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