Sunday, 1 November 2009

I'll sthcweam and sthcweam until I'm sthick

Once, long ago, there was a little girl, who was usually a very good little girl.

One day her mother took her on a long journey to visit her Aunties who lived near a place called 'The Arboretum' , a beautiful magical garden with a lot of trees and a silver lake.
At the edge of that lake were rowing boats.
Now, as soon as that good little girl saw those boats she wanted to get into one with her Aunties and go out onto the lake.
But her Aunties did not want to get in a boat.
Not at all.
But that usually good little girl made such a lot of moaning and misery-ing that eventually her Mother and the Aunties hired a rowing boat and they all got in.
Sadly, her mother and the Aunties were not very good at rowing.
The boat rocked and rolled and they were out in the middle of the lake and the little girl was afraid that the boat would tip up and that they would all end up in the water.
But all the Aunties and her mother could do was shriek with laughter.
So do you know what she did?
She moaned and cried and made such a fuss that they had to row back to shore and get out of the boat which had once seemed such a good idea.

Now that little girl grew up (and learned to swim) and computers were invented and she started to write a blog.
She tried very hard to please everyone because whatever she did she tried to do it the best she could.
One day her blogging took her to a place where she saw there was a thing called
'The Dorset Cereals Great Little Blog Award'
and she wanted to get on that boat.
(She loved Dorset Cereals and had three varieties in her cupboard.)

So she waited and waited until eventually one of her blog friends nominated her blog.
But nothing happened.
Then another friend e mailed her to say she had nominated her blog.
But still nothing happened.
Then a third person said she had nominated her.
Still nothing happened.
And then in desperation she nominated herself. (She is quite ashamed of that)
And all the time she saw, on almost every blog she read, that they had been nominated for the award.
So that once usually good little girl moaned and misery-ed and wondered what could be wrong with her blog?
She had to know.
So one evening after she had had a glass of wine she e-mailed Dorset Cereals and asked them why her blog hadn't been added to the list.
She told them she didn't want a 'pity nomination' but just wanted to know why?
Should she do more crochet? have more buttons? more baking?some bunting? another baby?(But really she was far too grown up for that last one)
So the kind lady at Dorset Cereals said it had been 'An Oversight' and that after all her blog is now on the list.
But the grown up little girl feels a bit sick now.
A bit like she did on that boat.
Will she be tipped into the water..will anyone actually vote?

Might she just be a bit too obsessive about her blog?

Dorset Cereals little awards
If you would like to help row her safely to shore, please click this picture and vote.

( You might win a prize.)


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

But of course I shall vote for the little girl!! Will I count since I am over the water out of reach of a little boat?

by the way... the photo of me in the window that you asked about... it's an inn called Holbeck Ghyll...not too far from you I think! Lovely spot.

Lynn said...

I will come back tomorrow, Nov. 1st to vote. I want my vote to count, and I want to help the good little girl get safely to shore!
As it is a fine blog with wonderful velvet flowers, who could ask for anything more?

cocoa and blankets said...

Your post made me giggle Jackie....perhaps its because we are from the North...anyway Polly and I have voted for you...but you have started something...will you vote for me..we didnt have much luck trying to win the vw camper from the cereal packets...poor mr B desperately ate cereal to try and win that one...

Menopausal musing said...

Imagine Maurice Chevalier singing: "Thank heaven for leetle girls............."......... YOU HAVE GOT MY VOTE; WHAT A WONDERFUL POST!!!! IT HAD ME GRINNING FROM EAR TO EAR............... :O)

Erica said...

the conditions say nominations and voting are only open to UK residents, but as Australia is still a member of the Commonwealth, I voted anyway :)

Kim said...

I think that lil girl rocks!

Irishgirlsews said...

I too will vote for the little girl, we wouldn't want her to start screaming, now would we???

WendyCarole said...

I voted

Gina said...

I voted! Anything to stop you screaming!

Heather said...

What a lovely story and I do hope she gets her wish. I pass by the Dorset Cereals each time I see them when I'm shopping as I'm sure they will be packed with calories as well as goodness and if I start to eat them I shall get hooked!

jude said...

i love stories.

alice c said...

Your wish is my command O Mighty Embroidress of Velvet and Tweed

Anonymous said...

That has to be the best "vote for me" plea yet! You've got my vote!

Joei Rhode Island said...

Still laughing....
I'll go vote now....chuckle chuckle

karen said...

I vote that you should have a baby!
baby's are the new black! I will vote for you, promise.

karen said...

I just nominated you by mistake......see...even the simplest tasks are a challenge!! I did manage to vote when I realised what I had done.

Jan said...

After I voted you were up to 36 votes. Good luck!

Julie said...

I wondered how to spell sthcweam :o)) I've been and voted, in fact I think I may have voted twice! Great post! :o)

Maureen said...

Hope you get your wish missie!! - by the way my vote made 50 - you really are in the lead.

Jude said...

Bless, love the bunches.. course I voted!!

Cathy said...

I'm vote number 52 for that silly little girl. here's a hug and kiss to help sort her her out of her "mood". XO

leilani said...

I tried to vote but alas, they don't want votes from the US. So count me as a virtual fan.

Anonymous said...

Woild you like my vote for you to to be PM too, you would do it just fine,no,I know you are far too busy making all your wonderful things and making us smile.
Judith in Hampshire

Victoria said...

God Bless people who can make me laugh! Thank you I needed that! I have cast my vote, (#57) and shall hold by breath till you win or until I turn blue, which ever comes first.

As for Dorset Cereals and their coveted blog award... both are news to me. Not sure if they sell that brand in the states... will have to keep an eye open for it.

Good Luck!!!

Robin Mac said...

What a giggle, this post has made my day and of course I had to vote for the little girl - I love your blog. Cheers, Robin

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Ive voted and you are up to 58 votes now!

vintagerockchick said...

I voted Jackie. (Unlike Gina I'm not bothered about you screaming, but I really don't do sick.
Gill x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I voted Jackie. Who couldn't with such a great story and a cute little girl!!

Raggy said...

Your blog is fantastic and fills me with inspiration. Just been to vote for you. Good luck.
Sandie at Rag Rescue

greedy nan said...

I'm not sure about the little girl because she also went on one of my blog entries and it's not because she deserved anything nice! But I will vote [have done] for you because your blog is very nice ...
I like Dorset cereals too but find them a bit on the expensive side - as are most of the things I like.
I'm waiting for the postman to bring me Quilting Arts - have been for a while now but I'm sure he'll deliver - eventually.

Rosie said...

Remember, it's VERY important to nurture your inner child! Your blog is lovely - what do you think I'm doing coming by regularly if it wasn't?????

mimilove forever said...

Bonnie Langford...shudder...but consider yourself voted for madam! x;0)
(I do buy the cereal and get it all to myself as Mr.Mimi finds it "too jazzy"...I despair)

Jason said...

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