Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Because I need to

Its almost as long a time since I posted as my blog break way back in September.
There were personal reasons for that which still haven't been resolved but perhaps I'll use pictures from that weekend that I would have posted if I had felt it appropriate.

We had a long organised re union of my husband's University friends and 60th Birthday of one of them so we went to the Midland Hotel Morecambe.
After we met in Staveley we went off to Blackwell overlooking Windermere.

A beautiful Arts and Crafts House.

I got into trouble taking these photographs but as I said in my subsequent e mail to them if they don't want people to take photographs they should have signs up where you can see them and not just 'one on the desk in reception'.
I looked very carefully and couldn't see any.

Anyway the Midland Hotel had no such qualms about photography

It was truly amazing, Art Deco, with quirky rooms and design solutions and all in all it could have been a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.
The sun set on cue over Morecambe bay. (OH! DO click this picture, please..twice if you like!)

I'd love to do it again in a less troubled time, but tis is not the point of this post..

the point is to tell you...

...I am ready now for the weekend in Teddington.
My goods are packed and my labels are printed.
I hope I sell a goodly number of my pieces but you just never know.

And when I return I WILL get on top of that ironing.
I WILL scrub the kitchen floor.
I WILL tidy the cupboard under the sink.
I WILL go for a walk EVERY DAY.



Sharne Gregory said...

Wonderful photos, inspiring. I hope that your problems are sorted out soon. Life at times seems to be a bit of a struggle, but I have found that when I have got through the rough patches, I have gained strength to cope with the next challenge.

Julie said...

Yeah right, I'll join you in all that too! :o))) especially the going for a walk everyday - or probably not! lol

The photos are excellent. Morecambe Bay is beautiful and it's a long time since I have been there.

Very good luck with Teddington this weekend.

Pam said...

All the best with Teddington, Jackie! Knock 'em dead! x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I, too, wish you luck at Teddington!
As for not being allowed to take pictures...surely they should know that signage would go a long way towards preventing it. Some people just get grumpy about the stupidest things and aren't happy unless they make someone else UNhappy. To quote someone who is reappearing on the scene these days - "Bah, Humbug"!

Joei Rhode Island said...

Very beautiful scenery
Hope you do very well at Teddington...and don't worry about the stuffed shirts at the hotel.
Or the dust bunnies =-)

Gina said...

Hope all goes well for you in Teddington... and when you get home... go for the walks but forget the housework!

Pat said...

So glad to see the Midland Hotel restored, last time I visited it was very sad. I used to live across the other side of the bay and on a clear day you could see it quite clearly. Thanks for the memory.

menopausalmusing said...

Fourth, yes FOURTH attempt at leaving this message (mother said there'd be days like this...). Wishing you loads and loads of success at Teddington. Come back afterwards, leave the housework, it can always wait..........

purplesusie said...

LOVE the photographs, good luck in Teddington.

With regards to that cupboard under the sink, if you tidy it you'll never find anything again!!
Ironing- uummm, well, the more you do the more appears in the basket.
And remember the more dust you move the more dust appears,

take your camera and go for a walk, when you get back you'll either be invigorated to get on with your jobs or too tired to care ;->>

Sue xx

Thimble Fingers said...

Great photos. All the best for the trip to Teddington.
Remember life is short, so take time to smell the roses and concentrate on the things that bring you joy and happiness, the rest is really unimportant.
Hope you get the spring back in your step soon.

Cat said...

Nice photos and have fun on your trip!

A time to dance said...

you do go to some lovely swish hotels my looks wonderful...look at your sunset and remember the rain falls on the just and un just but all things work for good for those who love the lord...every blessing the way...when you have finished come and do my ironing

Maureen said...

Hope Teddington goes well , your beautiful work will really attract people I'm sure!!

Baba & Beebix said...

Hi - I've come across your blog from the Dorset Cereals website (I've voted for you now!) and I think your felt pieces are beautiful! They'd make lovely Xmas tree decorations!

jennyflowerblue said...

Beautiful images, thank you for sharing. Such good wishes for the weekend, I know you and Karen will have a lovely time and be good company for eachother. Hugs xxx

Heather said...

Beautiful house/hotel and glorious sunset. Fold your washing carefully to minimise ironing - there's no point washing the floor in this weather - nobody sees the cupboard under the sink except you and the plumber - and why get cold and wet going out every day, just wait for a nice one! Good luck at Teddington.

Victoria said...

Best wishes for a great show at Teddington, Jackie!

silverpebble said...

Sorry to hear of your worries. I hope they ease very soon

How I love Blackwell. I went there when our eldest was 5 months old. I was in Arts and Crafts heaven.

All the fingers, toes and sticks out bits are crossed for Teddington.

silverpebble said...

That would be sticky out bits

Gabriela said...

Best of luck! Gald to see you back! LOve,gabriela

Soggibottom said...

good luck x x x you won't need it, but good luck anyway x x x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Just do the walk and forget the rest!!
Lovely photos....Windermere is just a magical place.

So sorry to visit and see that you have been ill. Shingles are supposed to be pretty dreadful. Hope you feel much better now!!

Chris Daly said...

Jackie, It looks like a beautiful place to spend a weekend. Is this the first time you've been there since your husband did the restoration work?

Woo Gilchrist said...

Hope the fair went well.xx

Lyn said...

I love Blackwell but they are a bit stuffy! I SO want to go to the Midland! Good luck with Teddington.

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