Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Thank you for responding to my tantrums and voting for my blog. I don't know whether to keep on 'thscweaming' until the end of the month, or be satisfied with the considerable number of votes I already have.
I'll leave it with you.
There are other blogs catching up.
The link for voting is above .

Now..I wrote the previous post before I went away and had it scheduled to appear on the first of November.
We had a very welcome escape to Northumberland, where my Goddaughter was getting married last Friday.
We stayed 36 miles away from Newcastle. A journey of about 40 minutes to the church.
However, it took one and a half hours so we were a bit late.
(It was the Friday of the Autumn half term week almost exactly a year on from this post in which, among other things, we were stuck in a traffic jam on our way to something important.)
We asked directions of a man coming out of a pub with an Alsation dog.
He answered
'Yer gan doon heeya and torn reyt then torn reyt again at the leyts and ye cannamissit.'
(Apologies to Geordies reading this)
We didn't believe him, but he was reyt. Correct.

On Saturday we rested, walked, and forgot our cares.

Taking time to look closely at the tiny things,

as well as feeling the warmth of the sunshine,

listening to the waves,

tasting the spray

and smelling the beautiful fresh sea air.

(If you click the above picture you will be able to smell the sea too. I'm sure.)
Of course we ate a lot too.
The breakfast speciality was smoked haddock and poached eggs. It was the creamiest most delicious smoked haddock ever.

Sunday's weather was another story so we went to Alnwick (pronounced Annick in case you didn't know) and to the old railway station which houses a huge secondhand bookshop.
There were roaring fires and old sofas, tea and books..lots and lots of books.
A toy electric train chugged around the tops of the shelves, which were joined by wooden bars painted with quotations from appropriate books.

The above is from the Song of Solomon, very appropriate in the Religion section.
Also pertinent as it was one of the readings at the wedding.

EDIT: Junorth posted the exact same picture on the same day..what a coincidence.
And I forgot to tell you that this bookshop is the place where That poster originated. It was found in a box of books there years ago and because I forgot, its funny I called this post 'Calm'.

It was pouring down outside...

The roof of this old building leaked...

We couldn't get into the town of Alnwick due to very deep water in the road.
We had a long journey ahead.

We had a small glimpse of the Angel of the North as we said goodbye to Newcastle.

Since I returned I've been chasing time to sit and sew.
(Haven't even unpacked my case yet.)
I have managed to make some bags which I'll show next post.


karen said...

We took the kids to a place near Alnwick, a holiday camp, when they were little. It was and is so beautiful and Holy Island....Wow!
am I allowed to vote again?? I will try!

karen said...

Darn it! It wouldn't let me, sorry x

arlee said...

Glad you had some respite from worries.
Is that really an angel? From my airfield growing up perspective, it looks like a crashed plane! :}

lilylovekin said...

I want to go to that book store it looks delicious rain and all. By the way I voted for you I hope you win.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Your wish is my command! I went to vote lickety split and wish you all the best!
Thank you for the pronunciation assistance; as an American, I'm hopelessly clueless. I often wonder if English place names sound as adorable to Brits as they do to us Americans.

Swirlyarts said...

I LOVE that bookshop - it's huge and I have bought many a book from there!

Gina said...

Your "Geordie" made me laugh out loud! I could taste the sea spray from your photos but wish I could have tasted the smoked haddock and poached eggs as well... yum!Made a note of yhat lovely bookshop for next time we're driving up to Scotland. It looks worth a visit.

Menopausal musing said...

I fell about laughing at the "Geordie"..... I was "speaking it" in my head as I read........ Book shop looked great. Hope you get squillions of votes!:O)

Pomona said...

What a wonderful bookshop - I don't think I would have come home! We went far northwards during half-term but not past the Angel, which I would love to see.

Pomona x

Heather said...

What a wonderful weekend Jackie - apart from the atrocious weather at times and the traffic. That bookshop sounds worth travelling miles to see - what a treasure. You were right about that photo of the beach - I heard the waves and felt the spray and smelt the ozone - wonderful.

maggik1 said...

Lovely post! A real taste of the sea! So glad you enjoyed the weekend ... and that bookshop looks delightful. How did I miss that when I was there? Will have to go again ...?
Have just voted for your blog - hope you win!!!

JaneO said...

What a fantastic bookshop, you could get gloriously lost in a place like that. ps I have voted for you - good luck!

Maureen said...

Those directions seemed very clear to me - honest!!

silverpebble said...

Why aye.

Thanks for the shots of the sea and sand. They certainly helped to calm me in a hectic day.

purplesusie said...

Hi Jackie, we voted for you xx
Ah, Barter Books, when Jake was a baby a friend and I used to go there every morning and sit in front of the fire and drink the most amazing coffee and eat equally amazing cookies, then spend a fortune on books and go home. Maybe that's why he loves reading so much!!
We were up north taking Jake back to school at the weekend, we were staying in Great Lumley with the outlaws.
Glad you're back xx


I really enjoyed your calming pictures of the sea, the sound of those creamy poached eggs and haddock and the idea of the roaring fire, old sofas, tea and books. Glad you had a great time. Look forward to seeing the bags :o)

Carolyn ♥

WendyCarole said...

love the Northumberland pictures and the directions I read it with the accent and it made perfect sense. My dad came from up that way and its a bit similar to my SIL though he comes from Billingham and is no way a Geordie he would kill me for suggesting it.

BTW I got a blog award and I have listed you among my list (see my blog)

Love dorset cereal I have it every morning with yoghurt LOL

Julie said...

I do love Northumberland, it's a stunning county and I've been very tempted to move up there. Maybe one day. I've been to Barter Books and it's fantastic!

ju-north said...

Snap! for the picture of verse from Song of Solomon in bookshop! Pleased you had a good time. Gan canny!

cocoa and blankets said...

I love your photos...wonderful..and I have spent many a happy hour in that book shop...I fancy going at christmas...can you recomend somewhere to stay? H

Christine said...

Placed my vote and thank you also for introducing me to Dorset Cereals, I went to Sainsburys today and stocked up. (Hope that gets you an extra brownie point!)
Barter Books is truly unique - what a range they have and I'm always fascinated by the rare books (which I can't afford).

sinnlighet said...

Sweden calling...

So glad I stumbled on your lovely lovely blog today, it's always nice to find other blogger out and about on the net! Sooooo nice post!

Peace & Love


lyn & annie said...

You've got our vote Jackie - good luck and thank you for your lovely blog and beautiful photos.

ArtPropelled said...

That book shop looks inviting even with the drips and I enjoyed the glimpse of the Angel of the North. (I just voted :-)

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi Jackie,

Just catching up with your blog. Loving the things you have made. Hope you are OK. I voted for you.


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